MMA 2018 – Melon Music Awards 2018 with Red Carpet [Full Show] [1080p] [Full HD]

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The Melon Music Awards, abbreviated as MMA, is a major music awards show that is held annually in South Korea and organized by Kakao M (a Kakao company) through its online music store Melon.

The 10th anniversary 2018 Melon Music Awards were held on December 1, 2018 at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. Among nominated artists that attended ceremony were BTS, BlackPink, iKON, Wanna One, (G)I-DLE, Momoland, Mamamoo.

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Raku Jjang says:

Subscribe to my channel and stay tuned. There will be more awesome awards. Also you can add subtitles in your language. I will check and publish it, if it's acceptable.

Taehyung's Wife says:

I will never change bangtan for anyone or anything. THEY ARE THE BEST OF ME.

bridgette pv says:

(G)i-dle <3

Şevval Taehyungie T-T says:

Twice aradı gözüm.

bttmkook says:

1:21:29 "Argentina" Me mató, no me lo esperaba 😂💘

Camila JK says:

Para mi no hay "Bts y Blackpink los mejores" porque para mi todos los grupos son muy buenos,no tengo preferidos

nahiara galarza says:

El tango está en todos lados LPM AGUANTE ARGENTINA

Reem Alk says:

Where are got7?

mù Hiệp sĩ says:

Sao giải này ko có Twice vs Red Velvet zj 😂😂😂

Elsye Miranda :3 says:

1:22:04 😅 uhh jungkok 😂😂

Se le ve tan tiernis :'3

Huyền Trang says:


Sxecrxext 1010 says:

Look at these all army bombs ….🔥😍🤩
They all are army …
So pround 😍🔥🤩🥰❤️😏

My Beloved Taehyung says:

BTS Awards: 👑
🏆 Top 10 Award
🏆 Best Rap/Hiphop Song Award
🏆 Kakao Hot Artist Award
🏆 Global Artist Award
🏆 Netizen Popularity Award
🏆 Best Album of the Year
🏆 Best Artist of the Year
7 awards for 7 members 💜

My Beloved Taehyung says:

Congratulations to all the winners YOU ALL DESERVE IT BECAUSE ALL OF YOUR HARDWORKS especially BTS👑💜

My Beloved Taehyung says:

2:28:56 The music sounds like the the background music of Jin's awake

My Beloved Taehyung says:

Am I the only one who still watch it all even though there's no english sub?

My Beloved Taehyung says:

1:22:04 Jungkook being Jungshook again

Cita Thapa says:

just one thing is missing that's eng sub haha still for BTS i watched it even though i didn't understood.. #BTS #ARMY #HWAITING

Maknae line Bias suga hyung says:

Only here coz of bts 😂

living life feeling rich says:

Watch from 3:46:32 for bts in order to bless ur eyes

Stepan Rudnev says:


Бывало ли у Вac так: Вы сняли хopошee видео, потpатили кучу вpeмeни на монтaж, вложили душу, но прocмотров oно нe набирaет?

Все дeлo в том, что для набора пpoсмoтpoв срaзу поcлe публикaции рoлика eму нeoбxoдимo дaть стaртовый "толчок" в виде неcколькиx тысяч пpоcмотров.

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k-pop lover says:

I just noticed jungkook, j-hope, suga, rm are all wearing Nike shoes jimin, jin and v are wearing different shoes 4:40:44 😂😂😂😂

zineth1004 says:


Maddie_ Unicorn says:

Little disappointed that I didn’t see my fav group, Red Velvet anyone else? ☹️

TIM ACE says:

Legendary night for bts and armys

ꕥ MAYA ꕥ says:

All the performances were amazing, but the audio was awfull, i wish next year it gets better and they fix all the sound stuff.

Tia dos Toddynhos says:


Esther Calleja says:

2:11:30 for the gods that are Hwasa and Loco 🙏🙏

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