Best MMA Knockouts of July 2018 (UFC, DWTNCS, PFL)

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A MMA compilation that highlights some of the best knockouts (T/KOs) that went down in July 2018 from UFC, Bellator, LFA, DWTNCS, PFL and RIZIN.

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Instrumentals used in this video include:
— Trap Music Now – Dragon Ball Super Ultra Instinct (Trap Remix):



Paul Malnar says:


rhendo ruken says:

2:30 minute

rhendo ruken says:

song dbs goku ultra instinct remix

Chonbemo Patton says:

It was sad to see stipe going down

RD Rad says:

I’m happy to see Mike Mcdonald is still cracking heads. I was a big fan of his during his early career. Glad he’s doing well post UFC.

A is for Annihilation says:

I'd like to see Edward Folayang fight Eddie Alvarez if He thinks he's going to run thru One FC peeps. Lakay boys r so fun to watch.

A is for Annihilation says:

I still can't believe this song is by jaden smith. Tool of the century but dope ass beat

Jared Bradley says:

All of the thumbs down I'm guessing was because of this annoying music.. volume down thumbs up👍

bak 138 says:

Damn I loved that ko Nike Price got from bottom. Probably wont see 1 like that again

Leroy Creemers says:

took me 5 seconds to see the names are mostly all wrong displayd

Lyle Waller says:

Please, please, please just STOP with the grade-school soundtrack, already!

H J says:

0:55 Holy mother of fuck.

tech dude says:

6:07 DC enters with the fingers…

Dr Chan Wong says:

That is the worst song I've ever heard

J Horn says:

You bag of chuckle bisping bee hive

1karmanin says:

Sad to see there is no more king fu scenes( now it’s just another top knockouts, good top but not unique

Jonathan Gagnon says:

Poirier definitely kneed Alvarez right in the groin lol.

Edward Mastandrea says:

2:19 it looks like that dude is dead

Joel Oliver says:

A tune from a kids show Dragon Ball is in here at 2:55

howl heinsen says:

I notice dbs track and zeno voice at 2:55

Iron Gaming says:

I can't put into words how much I hate DC. Fat fucking bastard.

Martin Hoff says:

Some of the knockouts are just so damn lucky and undeserved

Miky ॐ says:

… i love when a fighter stop when is time to stop. In my opinion is a real fighter

mahmud ahmadi says:

Gak mati ya dipukuli …

Sergio Basaglia says:

Damn!!! Whomever makes this videos you're truly in another league. One thing is to add music but to add clips of movies that's PLATINUM status. Congrats you're a badass at what you do.

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