Five Worst MMA Fights of 2018

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2018 has been a compelling year in MMA; from comeback wins, dramatic knockouts and high-profile scandals in-and-out the cage. But for all the positives, there’s been a number of fights best left for the archives, and in today’s episode we’ll take a look at some of the worst.


Happypanda bacon says:

You just gonna copy brosciencelife

Brian Reese says:

Hardy is a fucking sexy lady who could and would probably beat me up if I said that to her face. Or she'd make out with me. If I am lucky she woukd do both


SHEEEEEIIITTT – Francis Ngannou

Sean Oxborough says:

Err Darren till vs Woodley????
Till landed one strike.
A new record for a title fight

Dr. Loomis says:

Liddell/Ortiz 3 felt like it happened 5 years ago already…what a shit show!

GJB Sarmeri says:

Sapp vs Osunarashi was fun to watch. Jones vs Gustafsson 2 was a boring fight. Dodson vs Rivera was a terrible fight. You should do top 10 or top 5 worst judges decisions of 2018.


Any Corey Anderson fight

Taurus Balbu says:

Cage Fury chick @5:40 WOW

C B says:

Koshcheck vs Sanchez was super hyped, it SUCKED!

Spartak Vogog says:

Its not that jackson didnt want to finish cm punk off, he just couldnt because he fucking sucks and has no power in his shots, he can only shite against bums like cm punk

Dyno B3atz says:

Yo, I am legitimately happy for Bob Sapp in a way 😅 He actually chose to fight back for once! Of course he couldn't finish him after years of bullshitting…but maybe something's changed? Just imagine what could have been if he would have been invested in winning EARLIER in his career. It sucks that it took him this long to want to feel what a proud and honorable match is like.

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