[MMA 2018] (G)I-DLE Full performance Intro + Hann + Latata

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GIDLE’s Full performance Intro + Hann + Latata Melon Music Awards 2018


szonja urbanics says:

I really want them to make a cover of 4minute crazy!

Lamiya Asgur says:

Their outfits are AMAZING they modernized Indian clothes.

Love peters says:

Minne finally aswers twice's question "What is Love"

edit:Twice left the zone 😂

Akali Dixon says:

Lol Muslims finna cancel these rookies

gaaab lca¿ says:


Hawo Ismail says:

they are soooo beautiful ❤️❤️

syahirhasni says:

Anyone else still watching this in 2019? 😍

林青梅 says:


Dark Soul says:

everyday every night La ta ta 4:20 Ayee

Hillary Loves BTS and Monsta X says:

This was such a good performance by these girls ❤️❤️❤️

sorry for my bad english says:

Pls watch (g)i-dle's first reality show titled "To Neverland"
Thank you and have a great day


Latata stage complication

R LM says:

nothing worse than overactive camera work. hold the darn thing still so we can see the performance. jeez.

XD_ Cyanide says:

You hoes better stop dragging other gg, its giving our fandom a bad name

ExoL Mitochondria says:


Jennry A says:

That’s so cool!!!!miyeon-a!!!!!

Clashing Stars says:

There are blinks who wants also to stan them, like me. But seeing neverlands(?) saying bad things about blackpink made me back out. Do not be proud, because the last time I checked this group is still newer than blackpink. And it doesn't apply only to blinks but also to other Fandom. Trust me, when blackpink is still starting and some aggressive blinks starting to compare bp to other girl groups. And now many are hating blackpink just because we have a toxic fandom. Just want to say do not start a fan war especially to bigger fandom like blinks. Anyway, I just gonna love Gidle without being neverland.

yaneica medrano says:

Soyeon was on fire like omg

Mister Patatas says:

soyeon's lip bite 7:05

Fatma Savran says:

The Legend Performance

akikoyhm says:

The best performance ever 😭❤️ Monster Rookies are real

blinksinnercircle caratsikonic armyvipblackjack says:

i really stan them

jimin jams says:

The mosque was really not it. This wasn’t it chief.😖

NixMitKunst says:

how is nobody writing how much sexappeal she puts in at the end?? 7:00 this scene kills me

sorry for my bad english says:

Pls watch (g)i-dle first reality show called TO NEVERLAND here's the link https://youtu.be/_I_UlUSrrUo pls support them thank you


Link to (G) I-DLE "To Neverland" show: https://youtu.be/_I_UlUSrrUo

The first episode will be out today! 💜

Dubu Rose says:

*surat ul baqarah plays*
soyeon: omg what song is this?

Naeun Kim says:

Soyeon's rap is iconic!

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