MMA Community reacts to TJ Dillashaw vs Henry Cejudo, UFC Brooklyn highlights, Conor McGregor

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MMA Community reacts to TJ Dillashaw vs Henry Cejudo highlights, UFC Brooklyn highlights, Conor McGregor reaction UFC Fight night 143

-Cowboy Cerrone says part of me thinks the fight with Conor McGregor won’t happen

-TJ Dillashaw reflects on his loss over Henry Cejudo

-Henry Cejudo reflects on his win over TJ Dillashaw

-MMA Community reacts to Henry Cejudo vs TJ Dillashaw

-Al Iaquinta talks about potential Conor McGregor fight

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MMA Zone says:

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Edvin Mandzukic says:

Love cowboy. Such an og

Gino Cadavid says:

Watch the K/O in slow motion you’ll think different

Joseph Frizzell says:

Connor vs Cowboy is nothing but a way for the UFC to get Cowboy a giant payday and getting Connor a much needed win to make people forget all his losing lately…. (Cowboy is 3-4 his last 7 fights and 35yo)

Connor has Lost to Diaz, Decision W vs Diaz, Lose to Mayweather in an ugly display, then gets his ass beat to Khabib. UFC playing the fans like idiots.

funzone123 says:

TJ pissed at the post-interview

Edward says:

Anyone know what music that is in between each segment?

Joshua Copeland says:

Nice trick putting Joe's face on there

bizzle manizzle says:

So nobody apart from tj thinks that it's an early stoppage lol.

Dead Soul says:

I have to give Henry cejudo props for Henry cejudo winning,I did not foresee Henry cejudo doing so well but Henry cejudo saw Henry cejudo smashing the..good job Henry cejudo

Henry Cejudo

Aterhallsam says:

I thought it was an early stoppage until I saw the breakdown by TheWeasle here on Youtube. His body went unresponsive 2-3 times.

Cam Crain says:

Ya tj got beat

Luis Donado says:

Cowboy got overshadowed by the Cejudo KO over Dillashaw but I tell you, Cowboy is something special now beating that young hungry lion. You could see the experience taking over while maintaining composure. What a fighter. I think he defeats Conor easily.

LiliS says:

Cerrone Probably the part of you that knows Conor s never gonna fight in the octagon again.

Mad Mike says:

It's interesting how everyone is angling for a fight with Conor instead of going after the belt. I mean, I get it, it's more money for a (slightly) easier fight but it's kind of weird how a guy can be the main man of the sport without being in the top 5 p4p. There are multiple dudes on crazy winning streaks right now and they don't get half the attention of McGregor. Does he deserve it? I don't find his act all that compelling. At least with Jones you have the aura of invincibility; you can make some kind of argument that it's merit based, (which is also debatable) but McGregor's anointed status is becoming somewhat baffling. It makes the sport seem shallow.

liverpoolJFT96 says:

It was a little early but TJ is delusional if he thinks he should get an immediate rematch at 125. Dominate Cejudo at 135 then maybe ask for 125 rematch, I know he gave Cody a rematch but that waa different circumstances.

Gabriel Pasqualini says:

TJ fans are like "Man I wish Mario Yamasaki was the ref of that fight…" LMAO

Dante TudoRdRaG says:

any 1 knows the song name from the start of the video?

Jimb says:

4:45 everything is bigger than you, man

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