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The TOP 10 KNOCKOUTS of “BUTTERBEAN” ERIC ESCH career. 10 spectacular knockouts from 400lb knockout machine.

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editinking says:

Thanks for watching. Drop a like on the video. Whos your pick for this weekends fights?

Manuel Gonzalez López says:

Otra categoría!

Qué tipo más poderoso!

This is Life says:

then you watch cute anime moments and this comes up 😀


If Prime Butterbean and Tyson fought each other in their prime it would honestly be scary to watch. You just know one of them would die.

Rob H says:

I absolutely would have to agree with your #1!!! But, your #8 is a little suspect.

Shawn Farrell says:

The Best knock out ever at 5:27

David duFresne says:

The fat is an advantage if there's no weight restrictions. Look up man vs woman fights- real street fights not some acted ones and every one I've seen where the woman wins she outweighs the guy by a big margin. I've never seen a hollywood type scenario where a petite in shape woman beats up a man, its always a BBW who uses her weight. It's scientific Force= mass times acceleration. Fat people have mass, and they also have more muscle than you if they weigh 50 pounds more than you do, because they spend all day carrying that extra weight around.

Joseph Smith says:

Butterbean could’ve made a very good kingpin for spiderman.

The Phenomenal One V2 says:

he bullied that guy at the end

Lucas King says:

Lets not forget his KO win against Bart Gunn at Wrestlemania 15.

Max Brazil says:

Like fighting a rhino!

Mark says:

There used to be a boxing show on USA Network in the late 90s called “Friday Night Fights.” I always loved it when Butterbean was in one of the fights; he was such fun to watch. You knew he was gonna look like he was just standing there, doing not much, and then out of nowhere, <<<WHACK!!!>>> knockout punch. He’s the real life King Hippo, only without the pants falling down.

유비현덕 says:

한번 붙어 보고싶다

Jacob Underwood says:

#1. Johnny Knoxville

Jailyn Wilson says:

84 wins 64 kos and only 4 losses, butter bean in convo for goat?🤔

TheBluePanda says:

Far more entertaining than that bag of garbage Mayweather.

Claudio ostium says:

Butterbean WAR machine!!!

NameNotAlreadyTaken2 says:

He's one of those guys who's able to put his entire weight into a punch just instinctively. Bruce Lee could also do that.

NameNotAlreadyTaken2 says:

"Amerika boxing!"

Marston Davis says:

Comes to after knock out and asks, "Is Butterbean ok?" Classic!

Buncit Angler says:

He is like a rhino

Rosco P Coltrane says:

"The bean don't eat no snooty food!"

Brett Guyer says:

The funniest ones are the fights where he knocks out the super fit in shape dudes.

mike brown jr says:

Wheres butterbean knocking out Bart Gunn!?

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