Best MMA Knockouts of August 2018 (UFC, Bellator, PFL)

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A MMA compilation that highlights some of the best knockouts (T/KOs) that went down in August 2018 from UFC, Bellator, PFL, DWTNCS, LFA and TUF.

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Instrumentals used in this video include:
— Trap Music Now – Dragon Ball Super Ultra Instinct (Trap Remix):
— Jee Juh – Hip Hop Beats – “Sword Fight”:

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Perez has an output similar to holloway, nice.

OK DOK says:

that last guy was lucky the cage was there or permanent brain damage would be served

Agent CodyBanx says:

Yo fire the ref that choked out that fighter who just got ko'd.

Ernireg3 says:

Lmfaoooo!!! Dayuuummm!!! KO’d by the fighter, then choked out by the referee!!! Wt actal f!!!!!

Hassan Atros says:

When you get choked by a ref, it's time to retire.

Seba Cts says:

what is the background song of the beginning?

Nekrul Zekrul says:

Lol all these beards to look tough…all glass jaws 😂👎🏻

Erik Juarez DK says:

How about sticking to one beat at a time for the background music? Anyway great video ✔️

Ralph Cueva says:

Sicko mode should have been concert Berlin n Shapiro debate

Ralph Cueva says:

Yo Dana call

IvanRR says:


arquimon2000 says:

WTF with that freaking music!!!

BJBDF says:

You couldn't find shittier music if you tried.

tenzin nyima says:

chechen fighters are great

Steve Bozek says:

The music SUCKS


A lot of sloppy shots to the back of the head and illegal blows that UFC head kick was illegal because the guy still had one hand on the ground when the kick landed but whatever good Knockouts a lot of sloppy shots though kind of think those shots to the back of the head accounted for 1/4 of the knockouts, if you don't believe me have someone punch you in the back of the head versus the front, really easy to knock someone out when you punch them in the back of the head especially in the neck and spine area of the head

Chris Craven says:

5:24: The JR shout of 'My God in heaven! Sweet Chin Music, outta nowhere!' was perfect and hilarious. Loved it!

eatwatukill says:

Get rid of the music so we can hear the commentators

Antonio Alcala says:

Damn that dude got ko'd by the fighter and the ref 😂😂😂

15,000 Subs with no video CHALLENGE says:

I think women knock outs are harder better to watch than these pussys.

front331 says:

5:28. Lmao.

Ray Grover says:

Great editing… however for the love of everything that is good PLEASE ditch the background music…

J Horn says:

Some of the biggest losing pussies I’ve seen in a while!

Trevor Sykes says:

LOL “sweet chin music”

Matheus Barbosa says:

The last was sick Apple

Roud Нэт says:

ultima one from caucase

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