Joe Rogan On The Greatest MMA Fighter Of All Time

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stekore says:

Fedor and gsp only

Dantes230 says:

Best is Fedor. No question. What are you smoking Joe? Put them in the same ring at peak condition, Fedor would maul the guy.

Manuel Ramos says:

Fedor is the real greatest of all time, Anderson Silva & Jones been caught with steroids & we all know damn well GSP was on steroids back in the days before USADA. You can’t compare no one with Fedor.

Elmakz says:

who would win emilianenko vs jon jones

Robert Kirkpatrick says:

Matt hughs is my favorite

The Fam GOD says:

Awwww Fedor Awww Gsp Awwww Fedor Awwww Gsp. NOOOOOOOOOO Jon Jones or Anderson Silva are the goats. Fuck your politics and nit picking bullshit. They are better PERIOD!

_DanDO0 Spasevski says:

Bro Fedor in his prime was like a grizzly bear no fucking one could beat him

B L V N C O says:

Anderson Silva is a legend, One of the best MMA fighters ever!

furkan kilinc says:

GSP and Jon Jones. If Jon Jones didn't fuck up several times he would've been the best of the best.

Yule Official says:


Artem Lobov

Nicholas Parry says:

The GOAT is Jon Jones.

Chris Cruz says:

Fedor was amazing but couldn't come to America to make seriously more money except for 1 thing that UFC didn't want to deal with im not saying what but look it up.fedor would have dominated UFC

hangman18x says:

Artem "The Russian Hammer" Lobov P4P GOAT

Harley Crowley says:


The Sugar King Nappy Hokage says:

Now after every Ppv anybody who holds the belt is called the greatest of all time, kinda diminishing the value of that saying and status

Brittany Pratt says:

Everyone wants to say Fedor but he was knocked out by a prime Dan Henderson who was beat by a prime Anderson Silva… Dc beat both of them and lost to Jon Jones twice. Answer: Jon Jones

Lee Stacey says:

Mvp will surpass them all

Yacine Ayachi says:

Let’s agree Fedor is on another level, then choose what you want after

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