Bellator MMA: Paul Daley vs. Rory MacDonald – FULL FIGHT

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Full Fight Friday: Look back at #Bellator179 Paul Daley vs. Rory MacDonald in it’s entirety! And don’t miss Rory MacDonald’s upcoming fight at #Bellator192!

#Bellator192 | SATURDAY, January 20th, 2018 | The Forum | Inglewood, CA. | On Paramount Network at 9/8c

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james roberts says:

Joyce Gracie landed on the moon? WTF?

OH NO NO says:

Lol my name is Rory

Nathan Jones says:

That was shit

young feezy says:

pretty cool u can hear the corner men during the fight. typically u cant during a ufc fight

tamaman Stenberg says:

I HAAAAAATE this king of fight just go do wrestling and fuck off …

Dooneegomaface Ifinnaspring says:

He should've picked him up and slammed him late in the 1st rd and ended it.

Anthony Macias says:

Nice work A+ level fighter..

Conchi Muñoz says:

Contá k le das cuatro buenos gorpes los negros se rajan

phoenix ashes says:

Prize fighter bar room brawler vs a true MMA fighter. Daley has heavy hands and guts but Rory is a true trained warrior. Daley and Bisping would've been a good fight. I think Daley would destroy Bisping.

Stillwater Savage says:

Idk why people don't learn to throw more elbows from the bottom, especially if their GG sucks (comparatively). You could potentially win if you cut them bad enough. It's not a very honorable win, but at least it isn't getting held down like a pussy. And not technically your fault if a doctor stops it. Just my opinion though.

Ethan McGloin says:

These commentators are absolutely useless. We don't want your personal opinions and I shouldn't be able to tell who you're rooting for in the first 10 seconds. They then go on to not accurately report on the person that they don't like, in EVERY match.

Samy Unknown says:

rory mcdonald vs robbie lawler 🌺

Bruce Simmons says:

Canada is a "elite wrestler" factory.

karljo mata says:

Amd then Rory fought Gegard Mousasi

Kyle NY says:

Wow even Mcgregor fought choke holds harder than that. Daley tapped so damn quick.

CrustyChicken Nuggest says:

I like the bellator audience because they don't both and scream at the fighters when they go on the ground like UFC.

Gucci Malcs says:

Ufc and bellator remind me of wwf and wcw. Ufc has had a monopoly, but slowly bellator has been signing ex ufc guys and gaining traction. Mark my words, eventually bellator is going to catch up and they’ll both compete

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