Ben Askren Highlights 2018||Funky

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Ben Askren
MMA Record 18-0-1


mr bombastic says:


Marcell Montes De Oca says:

Chuck Norris

J Rocha says:

Askren vs khabib

Comment King says:

Sick grappling🤙

mbajsel says:

Way more boring than Khabib so pls let Lawler whup his ass


Today’s Matt Hughes

J W says:

Looks like a snooze

RealDarkFilm says:

Askren is gonna be 35 in 5 months and only has 19 MMA fights to his name? Tf?

chad humphries says:

He will lose his first or second UFC fight. Lol. I can't wait. Hes never fought anyone worth a shit. Hes sssoooo boring to watch fight. Dry hump you to death guy. Cause no damage. Just lay on you guy.

Toussaint Louverture says:

This dude is like an octopus 🤣

Alex S says:

Seems like this dude has fought nobody’s

Paulq02 says:

These are highlights? Wow, he's obviously talented but not very exciting to watch

nmb Memphis beast24 says:

No way this dude beats khabib

Phil Osta says:

Kabib is watching lol

Ramesh Shivaa Manishankar says:

Not cut off to grind it against Robbie, Robbie has some of the best takedown defence in the welter weight division. Not to forgey robbie has some mad standup, I dont think arskren is gonna last 3 rounds…

Not Known says:

Those referees letting that shit go on far too long…

Polakoune says:

Lawler is one of my all time fav but Askren gonna dominate him… the same way RDA did to Robbie 🙁

Greg Shubert says:

I hope he ends kabob. Dana may not like ben but im sure he like Ben better then kabob and his wrestle humping. To be honest dana prolly contracted ben just to get kabob out of the picture.

Fraser Snell says:

what is the name of this song, I kinda like it.

Kev Kowalsky says:

Like watching old people fuck.

Brandon H says:

It has officially happened. New UFC fans only want to see stand up expertise. Fuck 2019 UFC fans, they don't know shit about what fighting is all about. If I wanted to see knockouts and beat downs, I would just ignore this and watch fucking Thai Fighting all day.

Cobra says:

I wouldn’t be surprised if Lawler smokes him within 1 minute tbh

Bill Sye says:

How fucking gay

MightyZ LacosTe says:

1:48 sound please

You're wife isn't that good at blow jobs says:

Least dangerous guy in mma. Hes a great wrestler. But waiting for some highlights.He hits people 150 times & barely any damage. Hits like a 6 year old. If I want to watch wrestling, I'll go to Carver.

Luis Miguel Guevara Muñoz says:

Auténtico grapplin ben askren

Airik1111 says:

I can't wait to see Lawler fight this guy, its not a good match up for Ben but a very good test.

Zakaria Azzouz says:

As good as he may be i think hes one of the most boring fighters, i can see him making a name for himself in ufc but i know for a fact ill never buy ppv if hes the main event. We need more entertaining grapplers like GSP or Frank Mir.

Brit Bloomthal says:

yo good ref

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