Kimbo Slice vs Tank Abbott in MMA fight

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Kimbo Slice beats Tank Abbott during the Pro Elite days

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Heath Weeks says:

RIP Kimbo. Those street fights back in the day were GOLDEN.

Michael Hurley says:

Sherman or Septic that awesome..


I had no idea he beat TANK!! I sold a truck to a huge black guy that’s so F’ ing BIG..damn!! He admitted that tank beat him..his first name is Anthony.. I don’t remember the last name, but he just about HAD to have been on TV. He actually said Tank was one of the few who beat him. This guy LOOKED like he could waste Kimbo. My GOSH! KIMBO !! Wow!! You da man!!

Cecil Mattison says:

Yesir r.i.p to kimbo slice greatest Street fighter of all time

Styles 3dxo says:

Starts at 6:10

Christopher E Strong Jr says:

Rip Kimbo, ur truly missed

Lance Robinson says:

to skip all of the useless blah blah blah bs, ffs, FFS! go to 6:05. Honestly, no one cares, but keep doing the same useless crap.

Rick Johnson says:

The introduction was 5 times longer than the fight.

danny Hampton says:

the fight starts at 6:10,,,,,,,ur welcome!

Carlton Wilson says:

Abbott needed to train more and run his obnoxious mouth less. He was mean, vicious even, but his lack of physical training did him in.
RIP Kimbo.

arcanjo selestial says:

Kimbo e foda

Dustin Bishop says:

……worth the money to watch that fight.
Said noone

MAC 75 says:

Roids kill everyone

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