MMA vs Sambo (USA vs Russia) – Team MMA Fighting (TFC) ft Judo Champion Commentary

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This is a fight from Team Fighting Championship (TFC). The United States (Peak Submission) fights Russia (Barbarians FT) from St. Petersburg. Who will win this fight? Is it the professional MMA fighters from the USA or the Sambo hooligans from Russia? In this fight, I bring in Judo champion RusticB to be a commentator. Rustic trained in Judo and Tae Kwon Do for many years before coming to LA and becoming a stuntman. You can see his channel below.

Timecodes: 3:57 Jump to fight; 6:44 Doing stunts; 7:06 Rustic’s Judo PA State Championship win; 8:10 Background on Peak Submission; 8:49 Jerry doing wushu; 9:54 Rustic will return

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Here’s the original video:

Rustic’s channel:
Rustic’s second appearance on this channel:


Fight Commentary Breakdowns says:

Thank you all for watching and leaving your comments! To see the full playlist of breakdowns of TFC fights (all three seasons covered), please follow this link: Looking forward to your comments on the other videos!

Also, here's guest commentator RusticB's channel:

SCD 1075 says:

Fyi, just because their Russian does not necessarily mean they train in Sambo. They do have MMA, BJJ and many other styles there as well. This does not look like sambo. This video really brought out all the knuckle dragging oxygen thieves. Littered with ignorant hype and BS.

furiacabocla2 Furia Cabocla says:

This os a weird mode of MMA.

JON DOE says:

You can't have one weak link, cause soon as one person taps, or ko'd, it's pretty much over for that team.

hotlanta35 says:

Let's get weird!

Reptiloid Павелитель всеx Земель и Миров says:


seven Tiger says:

Stupid commentator.. Fuck for the Commentator, 2stupid guys just know talking, dont know how to fight.. Idiot video, FOOK YOU TWO!! BITCH

Sound Tribe says:

Funny how everyone around the world HATES russians, and russians pretend to hate americans yet they send us all their women in crates to be married off and sold into sex slavery. the jealousy is strong with these Adidas wearing Chernobyl radiated retards.

ropongi100 says:

To me it looks like, you dont want to grapple in a group fight situation. You want to stay on your feet, and not let anyone get behind you. They will probably develop more stragedy as the sport evolves. It still looks insane to me, I cant imagine anyone would train for that, and hope to win only 5000 dollars. I don't know if it will ever catch on in the U.S.

Raja Dilaot Merah says:


Brick Breaker says:

After 25+ years training in MMA, and bouncing for 11 years…I've trained multiple attacker theories semi-full contact and honed them on the job. Basic plans should include striking/kicking 1st opponent and immediately strike/kick 2nd opponent and grapple using 2nd opponent to block and or tie up a 3rd opponent while attempting to re-attack 1st opponent while continuing to move to the outside or edge of the melee…never stay in the center and never stick with one opponent. I've had relative success with these theories over the years but I must admit fighting 2 or 3 drunks at the bar is a whole different deal than a trained MMA team. That being said, if all 5 used these concepts instead of just pairing up one on one…they should be unstoppable, Yes? Any thoughts from long term practitioners out there?

Love Peace says:

This is shit. It will encourage more idiots to jump one guys. Yes it starts as one on one or 5 on 5 but 5 on 1 should not be allowed.

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