Top 10 Amazing Starts to MMA Fights

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Don’t blink or you might miss it


Toby Wilson says:

Good vid no bullshit

Juan Santiago says:

Paul Taylor vs Paul Kelly awesome start,great fight,best fight that no one ever talks about,2 Brits throwing down

Are Em says:

Clay guida has got to be the dumbest muthafucka in the world to fight with long hair. I mean seriously you might as well wear a Halloween mask while fighting

ひー ひー says:


LittleBug says:

Oh yeah yeah

Raul C says:

Name of outro please?

J Scooty says:

Connor McGregos

Lue Cajardo says:

Gudlak sa utak nyo bords

Usman Harun says:

1:17 … Let's say it 'What a stupid ref'

PAKE says:

Outro Song ?

Yugant Raj says:

Who else detected McGregor is spelled wrong

Ali Danish says:

4:19 long hair idiot cudnt see the punches coming. Who the he'll keeps such long hairs …. Fuck

A is for Annihilation says:

Conor "mcgregos"

Ray Bokt says:

Crazy horse

c says:

If i see that Crazy Horse fight in one more damn compilation video i swear

The Future says:

Where is my brother Kabib ass Fucking Conner.

Aleister Severus Grey says:

Oleg Taktarov vs. Anthony Macias (1995) It was a record at the time 9 seconds or something, I can't find it on youtube atm but found it elsewhere

AlikaMuhammad Muhammad says:

I gonna do same if someone comethis way punch is jmportant to stop the force to you

Mr Jones says:

4.20 is that George in the jungle

Dead пул says:

Crazy horse был хорош конечно так же как и Пенн) Ну и классика уже МакГрегор – Альдо.

MeihanaBee says:

Cant get over how fast that left hand was for mcgregor. Every time I see it aldo just falls, you don't even notice mcgregor making a move

André Policarpo says:

Vitor Belfort vs Vanderlei Silva?

DerMackierer DerMackierer says:

Cro cop's fights Its better

Justin J says:

Frye vs Takayama was insane..

camillako says:

Cat is so unlucky. Real underachiever

sidewayz bob says:

2:11 trump vs peter griffin in real life😂

Надеэда Герасимова says:

Дон Фрай фореверрррр!!!! 🙂

Sam Jasper says:

Johnny Hendricks vs Jon Fitch should be an honourable mention

confusecian says:

Ronda was really skilled…just not in striking.

Marcos Miguel M.A says:

Amanda Nunes vs Ronda Rousey

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