Top 20 Submissions in UFC History

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There’s no denying that the art of submission has had a role in the 20 years of UFC history, which is we are showing you the greatest ground game wins in the Octagon!


Pfitz says:

7:40 Christ I don't agree with Dana on many things but Mazagati is a disgrace to the sport. He's either blind or dumb if he can't see that tap.

Raphael Cinema says:

#19 muscles tho

Alexandr Korovay says:

This’s top shit ! Girls style

MrRusorey says:

machida vs jhons'??

คนไทย เหมือนกัน says:



Alex B.L. says:

Minotauro vs Sylvia

master shifu says:

4:55 bruuhhhh thats cheating his balls was on that guys face.

T-series is gay says:

0:21 Weren't those elbows illegal.

ryan gasior says:

Its funny how the UFC announcers used to not know anything about submissions. On the Bustamante fight one of announcers says something like “he got the takedown” when he was clearly in a guillotine. Lmao

Jeff Small says:

Silva’s sub vs Sonnen is the best comeback but not the best submission. I’d argue it’s not even top 5 plus Korean Zombie at 9 with the twister is an absolute travesty.

titus pullo says:

Damm Silva hit struve on top of the head with those elbows are those legal?

minecraft fan says:

WWE is better than this shit

Umar sahil says:

Ronda rousy ❤❤❤

A524008 says:

Sport senza nessun rispetto…..schifezza pura

sam urai says:

Fucking strange idea for a sport.

sheikh Rian Rahman says:

0:30 what kinda bicep was that?

kun hu says:

frank mir should not do it like that~

sportbikesandterps says:

The Gracie family are top dogs in BJJ

stryfetc1 says:

Frank "Fold a Man" Mir!….submission god!

stryfetc1 says:

Back when everyone was juiced to the gills!….do away with testing and let everybody take the boss sauce and make the UFC great again!😂🤣

ATS 09 says:

Anderson Silva
Frank Mir
Royce Gracie

Are my Favorite Fighter

Jay Are says:


ขายนา เรคคอดร์ says:

Fuck you .. ควย

mohd anzar says:

Latest number one is mcgregor sandwitched by khabib

matt 33 says:

I'm embarrassed to ask, but was Gracie submitting Dan Severn with a regular triangle choke? or did it have something to do with the gee!? it looked there was a escape from the the camera unless there was something i missed. i ordered that fight when i was a kid when black boxes where in everyone's house and i havent stoped ordering ppv sense.

Ruhaan raza says:

It is all oooover 😂

Pawel chmiel says:

Kto przegrywa z tubylcem czarnym jak 💩💩💩💩

ex0pos says:

#7 is #1 In terms of skill, and in terms of confusing and revolutionizing the field.

PrettaeeRicky says:

0:35 how he prob forces women to give em head

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