UFC 235’s Tyron Woodley Advises Colby Covington Not To Spar With UFC: ‘Take It From Me’

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Before the UFC 235 press conference, welterweight champion Tyron Woodley discussed his upcoming title defense against Kamaru Usman, Colby Covington’s war with the UFC, and much more.

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Darko240 says:

Askren has been showing Woodley how to handle himself being the champ. Authenticity sells, not acting like Marty "LL Cool J" from Nebraska.

Old Uncle Bob says:

T Woodley will beat yo ass.

Dylan Wolfe says:

Tyron must definitely visited the Midwest. That iowa weather dont play.

Jacob Flores says:

Love seeing T-wood finally getting some love!

nawzy202 says:

I didn't like woodley when he was bringing race card and complaining but I do like his humbleness I hope he wins

ale1coq says:

This guy is a 'marked man'.Kamaru will take him out, and then Colby will finish his career. Usman vs. Woodley is like Tyson vs. Hollyfield. Believe that!

Paul Davis says:

Honestly, I think Colby wants to get cut from the UFC. He knows he has no chance against Woodley. Colby rather go to Bellator and fight easier opponents or go to the WWE and not have to actually fight at all.

Comrade Fighter says:

This was released 2 days later😂🤷🏻‍♂️🤡

the wizard afro says:

Hes one of the greatest

Alexander D. says:

Bing is 63% sure Usman is going to win lmao!

Bing's predictions for searches are trash and their predictions for fights apparently are also trash.

Imperial Kingdom says:

TOny Fergerson the type of guy to eat spaghetti with a spoon…

Lenny Sparks says:

Why is he wearing pubic hair on his face?

Julian Gonzales says:

I feel like they offered Colby Woodley and he turned it down and that's why Woodley is facing Usman so fast

bob barker says:

He is the real goat i believe str8 killer

D-Black says:

wasn't that the exact same advice Rashad Evans gave Tyron?

John Sim says:

Tyron is p4p one of the best in the world but I would have never admitted it before

John Sim says:

first off I'm not one to compliment tyron but I sense a level of maturity out of him. He's learned to live in the 3rd person point of view.

Davon Smith says:

I don't just expect Woodley to smash Usman. I want him to do it so we can savor the moment

Daniel Curiel says:

I think Till was the only one with a chance. Woodley ain’t loosing any time soon.

smiley37greg says:

Finally an interview where Tyron Woodly seems sensible imo
Definitely super talented, skilled hardworking and underrated.
A little bit of PR guidance goes a long way.
I hope he stays the champion for a long time.
Lets go champ

Toasted Flowers says:

Tyron acts like he didn't get worked by an old ass Jake Shields, and a very young Rory McDonald and got DESTROYED…. He's also not fighting the best WW contenders… Outside of Wonderboy who he lost to the first time, he hasnt fought anyone notable… lmfao. Lawler was his only impressive victory.

Kyle Wheeler says:

People hate on Woodley, but I fuck’n love this dude. He’s real, and that’s hard to find in fighters these days.

Elixander Vild says:

Currently in the top 3 pound for pound

Jared Galarza says:

I think people just sleep on Colby Covington tbh. I mean he made it to the top division.

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