Best UFC Knockouts

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Best UFC Knockouts
Knockout is one of the possible outcomes of a boxing match. After the score from 1 to 10. The term is used in other types of martial arts, with the account can be conducted not necessarily up to ten, and determined in this behavior sports, competition regulations or the provision of a judge.

Knockout is a state of the boxer, characterized by dizziness, partial or total loss of orientation, and sometimes the consciousness that arose as a result of the blow.

Technical knockout – stop the referee’s fight, doctor, boxer’s second or the boxer himself. Occurs because of an injury, a cut or some other circumstance that prevents the continuation of the fight by one of the boxers. A boxer who receives a technical knockout is recognized as a loser.

The ability to knock out an opponent depends on many things:

the unexpectedness of its application,
(the coordinated work of muscles is required) on the time of investing in the impact of body weight (high physical characteristics are desirable: speed, acceleration, impulse, shortness of time of the process, etc., in particular – muscle mass)
as well as indirect conditions, for example, resistance to shock from the enemy. The ability to knock out consists of three components: genetic, technical and power. If genetics can not be overcome, then the technique and strength can be developed in boxing trainings. The blows of masters of sports, according to various expert estimates, are 4-5 times stronger than the strikes of newcomers in boxing.
Best UFC Knockouts


ThaGreaT FranK says:

Huge difference between a TKO & a KO…

Champ Champ says:

That DC ko still hurts

Noob Dingbot says:

4:22 lmao burger king at a sport that requires you to be fit

Brett101792 says:

3:37 why did the ref jump in? I mean he clearly needed at least 3 more unconscious blows.

Blade Olsen says:

Dam it i was watching it with headphones on and the second fight nearly blew my ears off.

Biplab Mondal says:

Dan henderson knockout is best

Gustina Putri says:

Sya lawan terakhir kamu nanti

Noah Jones says:

I don’t care what you say, Jon Jones should have been banned from the ufc and never aloud to fight again, if you use cocaine and steroids, you should never be able to fight again, fuck him

Near Media says:

3:40 is so satisfying.

NR CG says:

Great power kicks!!

yaggle fraggle says:

5:22 is bisping commenting on his own ko?

tiberiu arustei says:

4:22 fighters name/year please?

Matthew Eyre says:

Barboza's is the one that shocks me even though I've seen it so many times. Seeing a man ko someone with so much athleticism and technique is terrifying.

Yam Jam says:

Nate got knocked out??? Holy shit

Nick Lawson says:

4:47 that looked like a UFC 2 ko

Mysterious Stranger From Arizona says:

Love watching these low mentality morons beat each other half to death then strut around the ring like they have really accomplished something great by knocking someone out…….Imbecils…..

Sage The Savage says:

Anyboby know the background song?

ملك الخواتم says:

ضربات لن ينساها الفائز والخاسر منهما.

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