Outlaw MMA – Austin TX Fight Videos

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Chris Hoover says:

How often do these fights go down in Austin?

David Stribling says:

He late lance Taylor get hit way too many times after he was down for an amateur fight, the, two girls fight also amateur was a beating should of been stopped yet he let the co main even guy choose to go unconscious for like 3 mins but the main event he finally uses his brains…and makes the wrong call. I'm not a,fan, of mr, Magno but he was not out , he clearly new exactly what was going on, once the fight was stopped, and so did anyone in the crowd with common sense

Juan Tate says:

the main event is what I went for that was, bs, either the ref was still shaky about the other bad calls he made, or he was, swayed by troyer fans saying he was out. bad stoppage

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