The Greatest MMA Submissions in 2016

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Our list of greatest man MMA submissions in 2016 without some big MMA organizations. This MMA submissions highlights include 20 great submissions some of them are very rare (standing toe hold or standing hammer lock). We have one great Omoplata and nice Japanese Necktie from ICE FC and few attractive Standing Guillotine choke … highlights for all grappling and bjj fans!
Best Sports Highlights


Grey Halldor says:

3:54 spin through it…. dont spin if ur getting heel hooked pls tap

Jacob Quinones says:

For a channel named "best sports highlights" you sure don't know shit about mma. All of these chokes are normal. And the arm lock isn't an arm lock it's a fukin arm bar. Do research for this shit.

Niko Santos says:

Love all the different names for the same technique

Ben Cauwenbergs says:

Beware #3 headphone users

Kyle says:

That last hold, when the guy gets up and is limping, I feel for the pain he must be feeling in his foot and ankle. Youch

m g says:

Tenshin Nasukawa was strangling folks in 2016? Why the hell is he still wasting his time kickboxing!? Imagine this guy with a ground game or just proper takedown defence… I wanna see this MMA fighter

Lyle Waller says:

Was that Big John McCarthy on #3?

The Real Hardest Hitting 145lber says:

5:00 was not a brabo choke, delete this trash

Greed is Bad says:

If you don't know the name, just dont do anything

Ian Pierson says:


don't deny my righteousness truth says:

Head movement!! At 8:09

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