Wing Chun vs Other Martial Arts Compilation

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Wing Chun vs Other Martial Arts Compilation

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Fight Light says:

Watch Wing Chun vs Other Martial Arts Part 2: 😍😍😍

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JLAShazam says:

Soooo if I understand this correctly, wing chun is slapfighting?? Lol

ครัวคุณเล็ก เพลินสุราหน้านิคมสินสาคร says:


real life says:

А какого хрена в первом бою он без перчаток

Pheng Yang says:

Wing chun are only good in movies or show only.

Celso Russo says:

Ainda bem que sou capoeirista desisti do Kung fu

Celso Russo says:

Fraco demais kung Fu

Celso Russo says:

Essa luta wing Shu não serve pra nada só pose

Celso Russo says:

Kkkkkkkkkkkkl tá pensando que é filme

DE mon says:

Wew. Now i know ehat wing chun is. It is a slapping ability

Watch Out says:

Wing Chun: Jump on to enemy like a little girl and slap them multiple times using two hands.

Iskandar Yadi says:

Silat wincun itu bgus sebnr nya bukti nya ipmen tapi kalian yg goblok gak bisa wincun bisaxx teori saja

Fraz Ahmad says:

Most of these are mismatches with clear weight difference.

omg wth says:

Wing Chun is​ good​ for​ cooking.

AlexanderPews says:

Muay thai + bjj = boss


Wing Shun uma porra os caras está servindo de sacos de pancadas .kkkkkk

oppa -_-/// says:

Dude must've watched too much Ip man movies

Peter Mitchell says:

The stronger fighters win.

Musi Baba says:

Punch and kick hard…and u win.

odessa каконаесть says:

если ты владеешь боевыми стилями (муай, кик, бокс и др.) то с винчуна можно прилепить несколько элементов, а как отдельное боевое искусство только для баб в борделе между собой 3,14здиться

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