Bellator MMA: AJ McKee vs. Dominic Mazzotta FULL FIGHT

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Full Fight Friday: Watch #Bellator178 AJ McKee vs. Dominic Mazzotta in it’s entirety! And don’t miss AJ Mckee’s upcoming fight at #Bellator205.

#Bellator205 | FRIDAY, September 21, 2018 | On Paramount Network at 9/8c

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Paul Denino says:

If Ice accepted this guy's training, he'd have KO'd Brandon 😉

Gary Dolphin says:

he totally had that blocked, except his arm wasn't rigid.

TheOne AboveAll says:

Wow, It would be an incredible fight to see him go up against Brian Ortega.

GhostONtheRISE says:

AJ Needs to go to the UFC

Lucas Mckee says:

That kick thou

yolandaBEcool says:

MEEKO Cro Cop kick? CMON!

Darren 'MCTAPPER' Till says:


Evert vd Velde says:

I thought JImmy Smith left Bellator

You Mang says:

Blocking a kick with one arm…..yeah great idea. Thats that old MMA defense. Just like dropping your hands when punching

Hallucinogenichusky says:

I could feel that from here..jesus

Jonathan Agudelo says:

The future bellator featherweight champion

jayna reynolds says:

He took a dive. Look at 1:13 and you'll see the kick was completely blocked. The light tap at the end was just theatrical.

Life is Peachy says:

Bellator now has the best heavyweight in Vitaly Minakov, the best welterweight in Rory and the best middle weight in Gegard. UFC slowly becoming obsolete.

Cj Pelle says:

Can Bellator please get nick and nate diaz so we can see them fight in California.

ethan199303 says:

Slick moves… by the ref

Torto Faight Faight says:


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