FREE FIGHT | 18-year-old Hooper Impresses | DWTNCS Week 6 Contract Winner – Season 2

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18-year-old Chase Hooper impressed the matchmakers with his decision victory Week 5 of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series earning him a developmental deal with the UFC.

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Treeezplz says:

My teacher said I could be anything I wanted…

So I knocked her out and went to be a fighter! 😂😂😂 Only 18 and kickin ass!! 💪🏼💪🏼

Treeezplz says:

Ohh whaaa he's from Washington?? Ayyy💯💯

Except it's actually snowing right now.. LOL

Treeezplz says:

Wow that rear necked choke at the gate looked buried! Didn't think he'd get outta that tbh. He musta just gave it up. I'm not sure why if he did but it sure looks like he did.

Doro says:

Why are the commentators riding kawaihae's dick lol

Pourquoi le nom de ma chaîne t'intéresse ? says:

Je sais pas si il y a des français mais avouez le gars a gauche ressemble de ouf a benjamin pavard

Aurora Ormachea Zuleta says:


ChrisOnYoutube says:

wtf get me in the ring with one of these guys for money i would actually fuck them up

s144os says:

Какой то пиздец, а не бой..

Je Cr says:

Hooper is amazing on the ground but he has to get better at striking or he's gonna get knocked out.

kidgo kidgo says:

Title says Hooper impresses. Yeah, he is a very impressive punching bag. The day he meets up with an opponent that has good cardio, he’s gonna get crushed.

Amedeo Modigliani says:

This was the most aggravating fight I've ever seen.
Death by a thousand paper cuts

D'andre Chesterfield says:

"some shots were hard like these elbows" **slow motion replay of elbows not landing at all hahaha

seb jones says:

good fight Hooper

cakoo05 says:

Wtf i thought this guy has a good grappling cuz he was on striking shit as fuck. And his ground game is shit too lol!

Oh yeah yeah says:

This some high school fighting lmao 😂

JINMA says:

Benjamin pavard do boxe now ? 😂

Uttarakhand trekkers says:

Kawaihai, was doing really nice boxing in the first round but then he get himself engaged in grappling,..

Joey Always Stoned says:

The Hawaiian kid is clearly the better fighter minus is horrible stamina. They say hoooper has crazy ground game but didn't do anything-couldn't do anything other then roll around with him making him even more tired. Hawaiian was exhausted and still fought off every submission he had. If a rematch comes back and the Hawaiian kid got is stamina right, its a wrap. I'd call it TKO in the second round.

skyson b pei says:

Haoli neva like up n up w/ braddahmanz 😂🤙🏽

1234abcd12344 says:

holy shit hooper take some boxing lessons please, go to any boxing gym in the hood and spar some armature boxers you'll get better. You ain't ready for a ufc kid, lucky you're only 18

1234abcd12344 says:

wtf these are some big feather weights 6,0 and 6,1.

Adrian Fernandez says:

I’m always going for the person I think is gunna lose💀 glad skinny guy won

Billy Bones says:

This is why the world needs bullies! Chase Hooper is the product of being bullied as a kid, that's how you learn to take a beating and keep on kickin 😂😂😂😂

TrollinYouNIGGAss Tv says:

See look let’s say this strength don’t mean shit in a fight lol

TrollinYouNIGGAss Tv says:

Hooper looks like diary of the wimpy kid 😂

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