Stephen Thompson Thinks Israel Adesanya Will ‘School’ Anderson Silva at UFC 234

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Stephen Thompson speaks to Luke Thomas on The MMA Hour about his upcoming bout with Anthony Pettis, the welterweight title picture, Tyron Woodley vs. Kamaru Usman, Israel Adesanya vs. Anderson Silva, and much more.


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Quincy Humphrey says:

Idk Silva did better on the Derek Bronson fight. If Derek game plan was to wrestle hump the new guy the he could've won. Silva just fighting a new guy that never when up against a guy with his fighting style. He's not Jon's where it's not readable. Silva been fighting that way for sometime now. And I'm pretty sure he knows how to beat his self. Silva have many fights in the cage thinking if I did that this way in that way what would happen. Which the young don't. He only at the first step of moving like that. Which people still should I be careful. Because of the Silva highlights. But you could only find wrestling like that in the heavy weight fights. Which this a body heat or feel. That the new guy have to learn. Silva going to sit in feel him out. If he clutch Silva going to cage take down. Sit back in put a heavy feel on him in look around

lucidchips says:

Isreal Adonis, Michael Page Venom, Kevin Gastelum. 😂😂😂

Wang Chung says:

Hope WB gets one more chance at that title. He and Valentina are my favorite MMA athletes.

G Huchmma says:

Who hates wonderboy?

Clutch Reemwelle says:

thompson's media blitz is boring like his recent fights are boring. he hasn't done anything exciting in his last 15 rounds of snoozy point fighting / counter striking / stand there & do nothing. he's a middleweight fighting a featherweight and trying to hype that with his promotion hack "journalists." thompson should be fighting israel – not a 43-yr-old two time popped juicer hasbeen that no one cares about anymore.

Andrew Rai says:

Isreal is not going to "school" Silva! He may be younger and in much better shape and win because of that, but a guy who's just beat Brad Tavares and Bumson is NOT going to school a fighter with the longest championship streak! gimme a break wonder boy!

CH 03 says:

14:42 “we’re not beating each other off all the time”….. good to know.

TechStacker says:

Pettis has no pressure. Everybody expects him to lose. He doesn't have to fear the takedowns, and he's much better on the ground. This fight has an upset written all over it.

Zak Man says:

Luke asking the most casual questions in the world but takes 30 min to try to make it sound like its elaborate

Rob Banks says:

I hope wonderboy lights Pettis up like when he first entered the UFC. He needs to get some momentum back towards the title!

Carlos Gomez says:

Wonderboy, do you think the Student will School the Veteran Teacher

Randy Watson says:

I've been waiting for years to get either Wonderboy to be asked what does he think about MVP or MVP to be asked about Wonderboy and the first time I hear about it he calls him Michael Page Venom!….I want those two to fight

I am Bear says:

Thompson is humble even when talking crap about Pettis hand-speed.


Tony Ferguson is the type of guy………..

Shade 45 says:

why are we still not getting Demian maia vs Stephan thompson

Ben Brooke says:


1. Thinks Pettis was the 145 lb champ
2. MVP is Micheal Page Venom
3. Israel Adonis ?? seriously man??
4. Kevin Gastellum

I think Wonderboy teaches his classes and does his own thing. I feel like Wonderboy has got some bad luck man. So close with Woodley and the Till fight. with him missing weight, WBs knee and the judges. With a little twist of fate this dude is a super duper star.

Robert Cobklin says:

Did he say Isreal will school Anderson? Isreal is a good striker and can win this fight. But sleeping on Anderson is dangerous.

Merciless Moose says:

Israel Adonis and Michael Page Venom lol

bazarovism says:

I think Ben askren can beat wonderboy and it might be a domination.

Ger says:

Man can't wait for these 2 exciting fighters to slug it out !

Seun Adisa says:

The whole Covington issue has been swept under the rug,ufc and it's fans are quick to move on, btw thompson will win because pettis with no disrespect seems to quit at the first sign of trouble

Black Peace says:

I supported GSP his whole career, to see him blatantly duck and run from fighting Tyron Woodley disgusts me and makes me feel like I wasted my time on GSP.

The Time Is Now says:

Thompson has been robbed far far far way too many times. He beat Till by a large amount, unanimous decision. And… he was robbed when he beat Woodley. This guy should be the champ and in my eyes he is the champ.

Jemere Walker says:

Israel Adonis?

Derek Marlowe says:

Thompson is a class act. The rest of the fighters are childish dummies.

KM 79 says:

Wonder Boy would do well behind the desk.

James Turner says:

Woodley is alot better then he was wen he fought Wonderboy I'm sure Tyron has been working in his cardio

Rob Santos says:

Hey Luke. You suck. Get a personality and come back.

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