Bellator MMA: Aaron Pico vs Justin Linn FULL FIGHT

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Look back to Bellator 183 Aaron Pico vs. Justin Linn in it’s entirety! And don’t miss Pico’s upcoming fight at #Bellator199!

#Bellator199 | SATURDAY, May 12th, 2018 | On Paramount Network at 9/8c

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sean feeney says:

Always dropping that left.

F Punker says:

I can see why Pico got koed în his Last fight, to agresive, forget about defence

Roy Fokker says:

lmao this guy is standing flat footed chin up throwing arm punches, lmao is roach even training in this guy lmao

no comment says:

Did the announcer lose his job at the circus ? What a silly voice

Mário Teixeira says:

Get Jimmy Smith back bellator!

Shinigami says:

Fuck. If Pico would have just Khabib rushed Henry the other night he would have easily won with no damage taken.

FakeAnarchist says:

Who's here after Bellator 214 and Joe Rogan's Fight Companion for that card?

dlopezdlo11 says:

pico some great power on those hands. the dude is only 22 the more experience he gets hes going to get better! had a great fight with corrales eventhough he rocked corrales but if he can pace himself hes going to be fine

HipHop Anonymous says:


Brian Brittain says:

My goodness THAT'S a f*cking Knockout of a Lifetime!

adam glover says:

I can't stop rewatching this knockout (even though Pico just got starched by Corrales) This one is still crazy!

Chris Cuevas says:

Who watched this after he got his soul taken by coralles?

Blue Collar Rider says:

This kid is awesome

drewtang321 says:

lol how does an arm puncher win Golden Gloves? guy has less hip movement that Colby Covington

vayahoo says:

that was a hell of a knockout. the dude took on a dude with no coach and training partner

jeremy arroyo says:

He’s a monster he just needs to slow down and relax a little let the shots come instead of forcing them

Julian Lewis says:

such a nice hook perfectly timed

Seca Mrtva says:

Reminds me of hendo

Arn says:

He's going to have a short career blocking shots with his face.

Brandon K says:

One of the single greatest KO's of all time.

tattounxx says:

Aaron Pico is inanely muscular and sexy (sorry I'm gay)

Leo Perez says:

That was tremendous

Smolyakov Habibullo says:

Будущих Белфорт

David Ivory says:

First time watching Pico fight. I Like his style and that was one hell of a KO. He is going to be involved in some great fights.

Фарух Шарипов says:

Вот это да очень хороший накавт супер 👀👍

Канал Яла says:

низуя себе

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