Best MMA Knockouts of June 2018

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A MMA compilation that highlights some of the best knockouts (T/KOs) that went down in June 2018 from UFC, Bellator, LFA, Combate Americas, PFL, KSW, DWTNCS, Cage Warriors, Shooto Brasil and ONE Championship. ONLY FIGHT FOOTAGE. NO MOVIE CLIPS.

Instrumentals used in this video include:
— Trap Music Now – Dragon Ball Super Ultra Instinct (Trap Remix):

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DrJibson says:

1:01 that song timing is impeccable

rcc says:

The music is too loud. And is a bad choice.

Dandy Carp says:

00:02 song?



Sergio D'Gama says:

Facken music

BARBOUR 73 milan says:

banditi milan ultras curva sud milano 1899estremi rimedi x tutti semper alla vecchia maniera 50+anni di storia ultras rossoneraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Are Em says:

Why do you fight with long hair? Such a distraction while trying to move around

Are Em says:

The guy screaming in the song makes it hard to watch

Kurde Pyua says:

first song: Jaden Smith – Icon

The Jackle says:

What is the first song's name

Adicqua ellis says:

5:20 his head just popped open 😨😨😨

Bayu Septianto says:

Music Like Goku vs Jiren

Damario Indra says:

is the beat based off goku's ultra instinct theme? lol

คุณ ถ says:

Myanmar aung la


ufc shoul be banned

Memes Inc says:

Those russians at the end of the video, if theres anyone thats on THE FUCKING JAMBA JUICE BOYZ its those blokes rofl, russian USADA MY ASS

d0y0uwantm0re says:

One of those ko’s looked like a dive. Near the end.

Sam Woodley says:

Fucking Canadian Destroyer in the first clip.

Claudio M.J says:

5:19 algunos refs no tardan tanto en interferir y terminar el combate cuando el caído no responde por el mareo del golpe que lo hizo caer… pero este referi me parece que estaba esperando con un café a ver restos de materia gris o qué del peleador que tenian con la frente rota..

VSVP J says:

Jared Brooks knocked himself out lmaooo

10ft Long Schlong says:

2:34 dude hit that dude like bangin the drum

OmegaMan says:

ONE Championship has the best crowds

deizha100 says:

5:00 one of the best dodge counters ever!!!

Max Green says:

First one he knocked himself out, wouldn't consider that "best" but still funny to watch

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