Best MMA Knockouts of May 2018

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A MMA compilation that highlights some of the best knockouts (T/KOs) that went down in May 2018 from UFC, Bellator, LFA, TKO, ACB and WOCS. NO MOVIE CLIPS.

Instrumentals used in this video include:
— Trap Music Now – Dragon Ball Super Ultra Instinct (Trap Remix):
— Jayden Smith, ‘ICON’ Instrumental

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James Long says:

I like boxing more than MMA, but damn do these guys take a beating. Their guts really are an inspiration, when you put on the gloves yourself.

Thomas Lantus says:

What's this song 4.48 please

Shamanystique says:

Damn the music is so annoying… the paiiiin lol

NewsMan 1967 says:

Vitor sans TRT is nothing but an empty shell.

C Spence says:

Feetor Belfort Toetally got defeeted by Silva the same way

Kenny kendo says:

I love when a round house lands

AFishBicycle says:

“No can defend” hahaha

donedidit321 says:

Macheda was distracting him with his hands not his lead leg like the commentaires say

November Lowry says:

Please, lose the repetitive music!!!

Dave K says:

That first dude has the weirdest titties I've ever seen

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