Best & Worst MMA Trash Talk Compilation

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The Best and worst trash talk in mma

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Caleb Riffle says:

You can hardly understand a damn thing Nate Diaz says

All Things 11 says:

Titi says preservarence; it’s perseverance Tito.

Alexander Ffm says:

Mayweather all creative trash talk: Yaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaa..

Nolan Nalon says:

don't like ufc because of making tough guys talk like hookers. be man talk like man. am I right?

Jaysmoove414_ says:

Dawg my side hurt

Inkd Reaper says:

Mayweather can't trash talk.
It was so satisfying to watch Holly kick Rhonda's head off.
"Who the fook is that guy?" is still one of the best one liners.
Tito laughing at Ken is a classic.
Randy spanking Tito is another classic.

Bensalah Omar says:

This is number 1 bullshit

Khalid Alalkamy says:

00:05 LMFAO

PTL FG2 says:

“I eat my shit at home” 😂

chicken224 says:

I want lil Jon in there just to hear that “WHATT” “OKAYYYY”

Hardysr says:

Even Dana knew ken was corny 😂☠️

Karl Anal says:

how dare anyone compare connors trash talk tio chaels, chael perfected hes trash talk to the point where it becomes an art, and connor is an amateur night compared to chael

thatchillkid07 says:

Combat sports is so cringe shits like a circus

Kukumbar Glicko says:

floyd and conor are so fakeee i hate this show part xd i will never enjoy this stupid trashtalks

fantatastic says:

Ronda doesn’t breathe until she absolutely has to.

ToltalDomination x says:

Rousey lucky Cyborg didnt show up to that parking lot lol.

RoBry HAWK says:

Connor out talked Mayweather every which way when they were on that stage. Why Mayweathers mediocre line of trash was included and McGregors excluded makes me wonder about this channel

Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews says:

michael johnsons was hillarious

Alltilt says:

You came for 12:44

Ssj 3 says:

And this is still my boyyyyyyyyyy

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