congratulations blackpink for winning the most mistreated artist award at mma 2018

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Also, changed the title so y’all will stop about the daesangs and stuff. It’s about outfits, stage props, performance time and all the mistreatment BP’s been getting. thanks

Yo… BLACKPINK got robbed big time at this show. Only performing one song and with no stage props but a bird cage when even their b-side FY outtopped and outsold other songs? AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THOSE ATROCIOUS OUTFITS THAT LOOK RECYCLED. JENNIE IS WRAPPED IN TINFOIL, ROSE GOT A WARDROBE MALFUNCTION. Jisoo’s is the prettiest and Lisa’s is cute too, but overall they were all ugly outfits l m a o



Very cute Robloxer says:

Most robbed?

Did somebody steal money from them?

Zaina Husainat says:

I bet they were so freaking embarrassed to except the award. I would have been

Kim Jisooyaa says:


O.M says:

Oh! It’s Jung so min!!

Yasasvi Malladi says:


JDii022 says:

The subtitles are just so funny 😂

Venice Bloodstone says:

how are they

fatty aira says:

i feel so sad for these nothing but a talented girls who only want their career to go well yet yg's that trash for wasting and mistreating them, i really hate him. he don't deserve these girls.

BTS army 101 says:



I won't if BP will be like 2NE1, I will be so angryyy

Demon Girl says:

Thank you for your original video from bp i had to search so much all were cut and edited and you just See Rose not others thank you for uploading 🥰

yAnNa says:

my heart aches for my girls… but what can i do… im always here to support you guys no matter what… my babies 🖤💖 pls endure .. we are here for you🥺🥺🥺🥺

장국{1JUNGKOOK-HOKY입니다.-7}습니다. says:

The mistake tho when jisso about to talk. This fucking announcement was talking ughhh why they always treat like this.. This is ur fault YG.

KORY says:


Kimie Man says:

Is the subtitles fake?

TN GameTM says:

Im so upset that BLACKPINK Just performed ONE SONG IN MMA

Basha Carpio says:

Is this true i cant believe this😯😯😯

Angela Cruz says:

Fudge is that really happened???

JoonGP39 says:

no lies detected at all. I’m not salty about the awards, I’m salty at the bare minimum yg gave to blackpink for this stage. the difference between their labelmate’s stage despite both groups being successful is huge, and really shows yg’s misogyny. mma gave blackpink the stage freebies, and the firework didn’t even go off. The girls did the best they could with what they were given, and I’m especially impressed by Rosé

Peter Jacob says:

I mean what YG try to ruin? Their image? Reputation?.. sigh only 4minutes performance with horrible outfit and stage presence?.. (G)-idle do better even cube asshole too..

Am Bulanadi says:

What is the host's name?

Rod lover dindin says:

Jisoo was so excited

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