[MMA 2018] Gfriend Full Performance Time for the moon night

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Gfriend’s Full performance melon music awards 2018 Time for the moon night


three teeth says:

they look like dolls… so delicate

isolde says:


Sowonieebiased says:

They deserve the Award💖Congrats my Babieessss keep it up you'll doing greatt!!😍

Woojin’s Camera says:

If there is a reward called the song that snatched the most wigs then this song would 1000% win

Miral Gopani says:

Buddies💖 Our Girls are coming back💕 on 14 January 2019💥 with the Mini Album 'Time With Us'..
Don't forget to str**m the M/v and like it..🌸💓
Our Girls need our support. So don't make any plans on 14 January and str**m the MV and like it. Love G-friend 💞😍

Please spread this message so that all buddies get to now.

Montefalco Vhedo says:

SinB aaahhhhh! 😍😍😍😍

Crstl says:

1:55 who’s that

Jannah Lagera says:

I'm so amaze in sinb's solo dance, I want more 😍😍

Bam bam bam Buddy says:

Co-buddies, let's spread other mv's to stream on their official gfriend channel on their next comeback for the views not to be split. It's better to start promoting Gfriend in all types of action we can so when the day comes we can achieve our goal. Please thanks!

heybiblee says:


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