TOP 30 MMA KO’s of 2015

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TOP 30 MMA Ko’s of 2015 are here! This is our KO’s list without biggest MMA organizations! All rights reserved to MMA organizations – see titles.
Perfect video for KO’s fans!
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Дмитрий С. says:

Дворовая лига. До 10-ки не хуй смотреть, смело мотайте.

Blake F says:

This music sucks

Just Pelé says:

Many of these were called too soon, being momentarily stunned doesn't mean you're out. FFS.

Charles Rivers says:

stop with the music

Kyle S says:

The best part of this video:

Greg Blesch says:

I don't want to ever get knocked out unless it's my bedtime anyway. 😨😎😇

computerjantje says:

Very good video edit. Thank you

David Buschhorn says:

"He was out before he hit the canvas."
Well yeah… that's what a knock out is. It's not like you're fine until you lie down and the ground knocks you out.

vince l says:

The sport of meat heads……

Backwoods Films says:

8:58 You need to boost the audio a bit on that clip.

sean b says:

16 minutes look at the head on that black ape fuck god he thinks he was good when everyone started yelling

Sean O'Brieon says:

Can make for a truly awesome and effective martial tactic,( as simple as it sounds, 'tis so very, very effective, to be sure..!!)…
to push the opponent really hard, Just As you throw your kick, or kinghit punch; a split second prior/ almost sultameously…(!!!)….
Nitey-night, bunny rabbits (!)
…For those trained in, or who truly understand fighting and the martial arts , the effectiveness of such a combination/tactic well and truly speaks for itself…

Sheeza Mann says:

AT 7:50…why was the ref so far away?

Sheeza Mann says:

i still think….grabbing someone by the back of the head and kneeing them in the face ….should BE ILLEGAL……..kneeing fine…but not holding there head in place….no………simply WRONG

Mike Mason says:

@ 2:37 clean KO..
👎 Lights out… Good night John Boy..

Trelarc says:

3:33 😂😂😂

ramsy420 says:

Bonus 2 was the best one. Bonus 2 of bonus 1 should be declared as a knockout since he did no maneuver that can be banned and rendered the other guy unable to continue.

Steven Vlaanderen says:

adreline is great. thats Why they dont stop

Carlton Gillard says:

3:49 I thought you said no replays. Lol jk good vid

lightsouthaha says:

It looks like Carlos Toyota ate a Toyota, and a Honda, 2 Suzukis, and an old Mitsubishi, with side mirrors as an appetizer and tires for dessert.

The Holy Mackerel says:

Number One deserves it. That was satanic.

hunter erks says:

3:40 that guy put the rope in full guard 😂

Magoosh CS says:

That cum back of the year made me want to jerk off. 🍆💦

Sean Noble says:

Does anyone else here hate it when they keep hitting a person when they're down?

Eric Cook says:

#1 That was some Kazuya Mishima shit right there.

Jaruzel 85r says:

Kurwa pudziana się tu nie spodziewałem Polska!!!!

Euan unmentionable says:

Number 10 cant be real😂😂 it just looks ridiculous a giant fighting an ant

F0rgzion says:

I love the referees

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