Greg Jackson: Focused Jon Jones ‘Most Dangerous Man on Planet’ – MMA Fighting

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Greg Jackson discusses Lando Vannata before UFC 234, coaching Jon Jones, Jones vs. Anthony Smith, and more Thursday in Melbourne.


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Tony Torres says:

Great coach

Amazing coach

rem177 says:

Jon Jones on steroids and cocaine behind the wheel, most dangerous man on the planet.

Connor Holloman says:

I wanna sleep this interviewer!

scotiansen says:

The most dangerous man on the planet to cut to 205 to avoid heavyweights and cheat to fill an insecurity. Seriously, "most dangerous man on the planet" is an absurd title to claim period. At least stay off the roids and fight up the ranks at heavyweight in your own organization to have at least SOME claim to it. Thats a start. Oh and picking off DC again to claim and then relinquish the HW belt doesnt mean you wont lose to the #2, 5, 8, 10 or 15 ranked HW purely based on style, body type and various other factors. So that also does not make you the most dangerous man on the planet. Prove it Jon and Greg. Prove it. Cut the bs and the illusions.

Soef D says:

put your money on Smith Trust me hè will surprise te world

Gavin Mitchell says:

I wonder if it’s him or winklejohn who sticks the needles in jon’s ass.

Nordic Creature says:

Lando 🍌 is a though 🐕.😀😀😀😀

Jacob Linden says:

Jon made DC and Gus Mr and Mrs 0-2

Ricardo Holanda says:

First comment will be about steroids How original of You..

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