Live Chat: UFC 234, Cormier vs. Miocic, Ben Askren, UFC Fortaleza, Jon Jones, More

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On this episode of The A-Side Live Chat, Marc Raimondi and Shaun Al-Shatti discuss UFC 234 headlined by Robert Whittaker vs. Kelvin Gastelum for the middleweight title, the possibility of a Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic rematch, Ben Askren’s press conference performance, UFC Fortaleza, Jon Jones and more.


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Baron Van Dong says:

Raimondi is a midget goblin

PsyintZ says:

Pretty stoked that Cain got booked for a card in Phoenix. Not because I'm a local, but because you honestly can't get much closer to sea level than that.

DoubleM-K Gaming says:

Great show as always..

Robert xerxes says:

I think u dont get the point of Khabib PSA situation. Khabib just conducted anti-bullying campaign against Conor team by jumping out of cage! The amount of verbal and physical abuse (bus) by Conor was extraordinary bullying. So how can Nevada ask Khabib to "apologize" for his bullying, when he actually was bullied. Hypocrisy

Hernis De La Cruz says:

The Count's post fight interviews are rough and he's always saying "OHHHH" when a big shot is landed


Wasted my time on click baiting ben askren..😡😡

Jake Nawas says:

I’m all in on heel Marc

Will Page says:

I don't understand why anyone thinks Yoel won on points last outing with Bobby. He did nowhere near enough for 2/3 of fight. If you depend on flurries and can't finish your opponent then you lose. Is normal! Bobby did more with no right hand. Was absolutely 'beast mode' fight though.

simon steele says:

Conor mctapper is done, as an mma fan n Conor loosing agenst khabib i nolonger care 4 him in the ufc, theres more interesting fighters 2 focus on, Cowboy Cerone, Ben Askren, Israel adesanya, gastlum, whitiker, and my list can go on n on, but 4 me Conor mctapper is finished ive no interest in him fighting ever again.

Dimdamn Flanagan says:

Wouldn't the most obvious WME-era UFC thing to do be Ferguson vs. McGregor for Interim Title?
1. Tony wants to fight either Khabib (for the Title) or Conor (for the money). It's a huge paycheck with lots of mainstream attention, and if he wins he gets his shot at Khabib next. Tony would take an Interim Title fight again but only if it's against Conor.
2. Conor's been vocal about wanting to rematch Khabib but that he would take another fight to work his way back up, and beating Tony would do that.
3. UFC gets 2 big fights: Ferguson/McGregor, then Khabib vs. Winner.
4. The loser here is Poirier, but Tony's on an 11-fight win streak and Dustin's on a 4 fight win streak plus 1 NC.
5. Personally I wanna see Khabib vs. Tony, or at least giving Tony the "money fight" if he's putting his win-streak on the line for another Interim Title that we all know means nothing.

GeneralTHC says:

I swear this guy was on Dog the Bounty Hunter, lol.

Matt Dixon says:

Mark praises two fighters regularly: Jones and Silva…both are steroid cheats. They have what…12 failed tests between them now? Incredible bandwagon fan.

comic rundown says:

In heavy weight it takes 1 punch saying there is no point in a rematch is ridiculous it could go the same way Cain and JDS did

Butterfly Massacre says:

I like Askren but I think Lawler stomps him

elcgmail says:

Really enjoy you guys discussing fights/fighters etc & answering questions. No flash or bs, just entertaining & informative substance. Thanks

jay Roowe says:

Mark reminds me of a troll subway worker . U kno like someone working underground 10 hr a day.

mitch s says:

When Marc gets something better than a $6.00 microphone, this show will be much easier to listen to.

original sin says:

Jonny "Magic Mike" Walker – He tried to seduce the cup man ha ha ha – that guy is so cool, wild, exciting, charismatic fighter! Instant fan!

original sin says:

Shaun and Marc, MMA fighters (by official guidelines of Wikipedia) need to secure at least 3 fights in UFC to pass the notability guidelines and merit a page in Wikipedia. Once they have done that editors in Wikipedia will write a page about them.

original sin says:

Shaun and people – Robert Whittaker pefers to be call The Reaper and not Booby knuckle…….

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