MMA training / Motivation / 2012

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ММА тренировка мотивация 2012
♫ Hans Zimmer — Mix Main Theme

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Hares Said says:

So you wanna be a fighter

BIG BEN says:

awesome. from 0-100!!!!!!! motivation pure!

Max Muravyov says:

lol wtf 00:42

Select Obvi says:

This video gave me a dark side of the force vibe lol

Kai J says:

:35 …. love it!!!

tigerspar1 says:

check out my training video? Look up US Pro Taekwondo athlete James Han on youtube. Hope you enjoy 🙂

census verse says:

0:36 beautiful take down

The Mystic MacTAPPER says:

I was going to go to jitz practice today but I had the house all to myself for a few days so I said what the heck and just stayed home and beat my meat all day…true story

Burn says:

trains muay thai , but MMA also is good , i trains krav maga  and Karate 7 years.I started at the age of 6y.o. when I was 13 to 15 I trained Krav mage , now muay thai .Physical activity is good !

slymouthtrap says:

chung or kung lol lee did the "scissor kick". Awesome move!!, it has to be done fast, swift and precise while exposing the back. very traditional martial art not see in much of todays mma. I am uncertain about the origin of that specific traditional martial art though

Carlos Zacariaz says:


parminder kumar says:

Holy shit machida squatting over 10 plates never knew he was that strong

Evan Faraday says:

What's that move called at 0:35?

heavysaxophonemusic says:

1:58 Chael looks like he's training for Cirque Du Soleil

Quit Work Club says:

Thank you for the words of wisdom! I certainly agree with this.

HitProof says:

the best part 1:35 to 2:11

Diego Juarez says:

when does the batman show up?

O S says:

watch bruce lee, he is motivation

O S says:

this video makes me feel more tired, not motivated

Daniel Diaz says:

im going to train harder then any fighter whoever lived in the passed 5000 years dan diaz tko mma conditioning check it out

Tim Warren says:

Really creative video

munib hussan says:

this is sik

Master Waki says:

Train Hard!

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