♛TOP 10♛ One Punch Knockouts in UFC ♛

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♛Best Brutal MMA Knockouts ♛ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvdYNJsn-jo
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The most brutal one punch knockouts in MMA!
TOP 10 One Punch Knockouts in UFC
One Punch Knockouts
TOP 10 Fastest knockouts in MMA History -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiQEScTQV7U
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Steven Madara says:

KneeCole LawsOn

SW33T JEsUs says:

0:35 He pressed the attack button twice… 😂

Ruffian says:


Tony Bundy says:

Does anyone have a name for no.5 I have been searching YouTube for an hour is it Mark coleman?

Karl Fhotto says:

Where are Francis ngannou punches?

Alex Does Everything HD says:


YETubeGames says:

One Punch Man UFC Edition

Chevyblock 550 says:

Stolen from King Of MMA

bull party12345 says:

Number 6 was a three hit k.O

Bergen Ehrlich says:

Lol how many of these were fixed

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