Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov Highlights

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UFC and MMA says:

Conor vs Khabib – who is the Champion?

Yanuar Yusof says:

That whieskeeyyyyy can't help conor.. haha.

Елдори Бабаев says:


Umaid Shaikh says:

Love khabib bro 💖

Tony Le says:

All the people still defending the mystic chicken…I wish Ferguson and McTapper fight happens so we can see him tap one more time before his retirement.

canelo alvarez says:

mcgregoor come here to kill you

lainkor says:

Что за бог делал титры для этого видоса:D?

Rohim Rohim says:

From indonesia love khabib champions

nay4oK says:

Эти титры… просто лучшее, что делало русское сообщество)

Zafranakram Muhammadakram says:

ماشا اللہ ❤️

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