ONE: Full Fights | 2018’s Filipino World Champions

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2018 proved to be a record-breaking year for martial arts in the Philippines, with five ONE World Titles becoming occupied by five Filipino athletes, including four by Team Lakay alone. Relive all the action from the likes of Geje Eustaquio, Joshua Pacio, Kevin Belingon, Eduard Folayang, and Brandon Vera, who all brought glory to their country by claiming ONE gold on the global stage.

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David C. says:

I’ve always loved how Asian fans appreciated the intricacies of grappling and ground game. Same way UK boxing fans seem to appreciate a good defensive fighter. See too much booing in the US when fighters spend too long on the ground.

Mitch Hallum says:

population of 110 million
ufc fighter = 0
useless gene

InobuZ says:

Blue Cheated —— Dude used his fist to tap……which makes the opponent think its a tap and lets go but then claims it as a punch. Wont be watching this again…

John Paul Rote says:

1:22:00 The Women Said
"Patayin mo na yan!"
English means "Kill Him Already!"

Darl Tharp says:

The 1st fight was a robbery It wasn't even close Straight up robbery

In Decay says:

The was a time when I thought Brandon Vera was the next best prospect in UFC. Crazy that he's now 41 fighting randoms

Wilko De Wanka says:

@31,30 Look at all the lady boys standing together. How nice

pinoypubgalphaph yingma27 says:

Si taguro labanan ni folayan

Glenn Galindo says:


Angel Reborn says:

Philippine people are so small in general….but they can win this…i am surprised

Morinoshane Pin says:

Philippines born to be a star… Its in our Blood to be a fighter

bhagan rana magar bhagan rana magar says:

good fight Filipino

jimmy prick says:

Yoshitaka Naito is like a Philippine Dominic Crews ……….

Jordan Naish says:

I got an idea, there should be an event where the judges can pick two fights of their choice and ask for overtime!

Mike Sizzlechest says:

Whats the tube/wire going to that little dildo looking thing in mr. Blue shorts butt area ? Very obvious that its there when they first hit the floor in rnd 1… thought dude had a tail till I saw the tube/wire thing. So what is it?

Truth Woke says:

Vegas we’re coming ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

melmar701 says:

What do expect? These Filipino figthers eat boiled Kamote and Taro roots from the mountain. Not noodles and curry sauce. LOL! That's why!

jun jumalon says:

Pinoy are the best warriors 💪

Emarie Reis says:

and to think we had dinner with one of those 5 XD he used to be my sisters ex XD and now look at him~ congrats~

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