Ten Greatest Women’s MMA Fights

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Since making it’s mainstream debut in 2007, Women’s MMA has transformed from a novelty into one of the pillars of the sport, and ten years after it’s debut, it’s time to look back at the best the division has given us.

These are ten of the greatest women’s fights held by mainstream promotions, based on fight quality, entertainment value and historical importance to the sport.


jul four says:

i d be interested in finding out. what would be the result between me (black belt judo 2d dan) and one of those champions ? (I mean no stupid feminist or sexist argument) i just want to know people's opinion or, the truth, if the truth is obvious. I am (5.10 and 70kg) I suck at punching, not bad at kicking, good in judo. neverfought in my life. only controlled a guy on the ground to stop him fighting me. Thanks for your comments ))

13zveroboy says:

They're not women already.

IchBin Vegetarische says:

So what happened with the women's bantamweight title: Holm beat Rousey, Tate beat Holm, and Nunes beat Tate?  Or did I miss a fight.  Didn't Zingano beat Tate, and was that a title fight?

Tyler Whaley says:

Your ranking is awful

Steven D says:

Holm went to sleep but she will still punching . Much respect

Stig's Italian Cousin says:

The recent Cyborg v. Nunez fight has to be my favorite woman's battle yet. I was in the bar during that fight and when Nunez won the ENTIRE bar was on their feet screaming. Even though that was Jon Jones's big return, I felt the real highlight of that event was Nunez's win. It was truly epic.

dkngln says:

Cat vs Nunes deserves the #1 spot,,, that fight was back and forth all the way. Just my humble opinion.

eleventen says:

Namajunas-Joanna 2. is for sure in,altrough it was Namajunas' fight all the time..

princet6969 says:

Now it's Nunes vs cyborg

sk8ingcoach1 says:

Ronda waiting for Meisha to tap but then decides to break her arm is so badass. Definitely one of the most entertaining fights. Ronda’s judo really shined on that fight

BlueBurro922 says:

🎵"the female of the species is more deadly than the male"🎵

Jason Swift says:

Misha Tate's hot AF and has tits yum kat zingango is a beaut to actually a lot of mma women are hot ud think they'd b muscley men like women but most I'd love throwing me ard the ocatogan uuummm

Niko says:

the first Lee/Yamaguchi fight basically made me into a fan of the ground game, they were just in constant motion down there, one of the best illustrations of the hyper-speed chess game that MMA can be at its highest level. Also Lee shrugs off an armbar that looks like it should have broken at least a couple bones and Yamaguchi spends close to 40 seconds in a completely locked in arm triangle, so it's got the superhero factor to it as well.

kaiser sozay says:

WHAT!? No Rose beating Johanna "former champion" Jedrzejckyk to take the title? There really could be a top 20….easily.

Jack says:

Who’s here after Nunes beat Cyborg?

Richard Almond says:

Good camel toes.

DueceVision says:

zingano was nunes 4th loss

Brandon Marcaccini says:

A real warrior loves their enemy. Give every ounce of themselves to the battle out of respect. These ladies are hot and scary

Jason Clark says:

Cat made a epic comeback and fucked Nunes up

Lyle Waller says:

Whose was the quote on the title page?

Colton Streek says:

Ronda will always be the queen.

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