The Best Kicks in MMA

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A mash-up of the most lethal kicks in mixed martial arts.


de hash says:

Last two were pretty good.

cesar fernando cartes pantoja says:

Malísimo el vídeo, se nota que no se dieron el tiempo de buscar, existen una infinidad de combates que fueron finalizados por patadas realmente espectaculares…..colocaron lo primero que encontraron…..osea si quieres hacer un ranking date el tiempo y realiza algo bueno, de lo contrario te agradecería que no hicieras nada…..así no nos haces perder el tiempo!


Aldo x Faber?

Felipe Cosme says:

cade napão contra crocop ? cade belfort contra luke ?

Jose Perez says:

Barbosa the best..¡¡¡😱😱 #1

Dan Vlog says:

Eu colocaria o do Lyoto em terceiro, o chute que o Anderson deu no Vitor em segundo lugar e o do Edson Barboza em primeiro lugar.

Matthew Newberry says:

What a shit compilation. Please dont do a part 2

Matthew Newberry says:

Only one in and i can tell you that was a good trip kick but no f-ing way its close to top 50 kicks much less 10. This is what happens when asses put videos together for hits


This is shit

Zhenyao Wen says:

3:30 why he gave two more punches after his opponent lost consciousness? Shouldn't be a fight to kill someone, right?

xelom222 says:

Not the best kicks and really bad video quality.

Adam Temple says:

Rich Franklin had like 5 all time best head kicks. Swick and nate quarry. Others as well. He was a no adtist. He knocked out Chuck with a broken arm. But watch how he straightens nate up like a board.

Richard Parks says:

Apparently you do not watch a lot of MMA or UFC because this fall short of the best kick knockouts I didn’t even see one of the female knockouts with kicks when Holms I took the belt that kick was phenomenal and you didn’t even show it in here, maybe you should look at some of the best kicks On YouTube and you’ll see what we are talking about.

mb61j2 says:

Lol just here to hate on this shitty compilation

M Voyager says:

i was expecting gabriel gonzaga at no. 1.

Michael Clay says:

gonzaga vs crop crop(I fucked that up)but ya.. where the hell is that?

joseluis vargas corr says:

Gonzaga vs crocop number one. Brutal

ThePanamaCollection1 says:

you obviously don't know what a good kick is you loser.

Jake Husband says:

Nope giant fail vid

ummm... says:

Uriah Hall should've been number 1 AND 2…. the others were good though

cullen Irishman says:

Cro cop was a fucking serial killer in his prime

Zulfines abu faiz says:

It's amazing of kick

Tyler Denny says:

“That not real no can defend. This next one, this NO CAN DEFEND”😂

Paulo Císcium says:

Quem é o cara q perdeu para o Tim Sylvia?

fish / Geek says:

Where the hell is uriah halls?

ct vids says:

No Pat Barry? Also a slight technicality but kickboxing/muay Thai is a single discipline not MMA (kick #9)

Fares BENNOUR says:

Number 2 and one was good

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