Three Knockouts from the Bottom

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Kromestar – Alone

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Shabazz says:

Damn that first one would have pissed me off. The other guy was obviously so much better and the dude on bottom was just flailing but it only takes that one punch haha.


Renzo Gracie vs Taktarav

Jesse Victory says:

Niko Price finished hammer fist from his back, should add to video.

More Than Deep says:

Kromestsr on an mma vid. My separate worlds colliding in art

Savage Gentlemen says:

Wish we could see a second angle on the khalidov ko, appeared to me that Santiago trying to pass w his head against khalidovs leg put his head between a rock and a hard place for the punch.

BJJ&MMA Jerusalem says:

All of them from ex ussr countries mmm

Kadim Nana says:

Mousasi-Jacare I

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