Top 50 UFC Knockouts Of 2017 HD

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Hugo Leónidas says:

Number 5 the best

Laiken Terry says:

Nice work. A lot of these I hadn't seen. Most vids are just repeating the same old knockouts. Good to see some different ones.

Quin Cronin says:

Dont wear blue shorts

Ethan Crossman says:

Gunnar Nelson is a mcgregor wannabe

DieRareJongen says:

Equalise the fucking volume at least ffs.

luiz games says:

Cara isso não tem nada de esporte ! Muita pancada na cabeça , pode ou ficar gaga , ou morrer !

Master Exploder says:

This shit is not HD you asshole

Mustacheless Mario says:

the irony in Derrick Lewis knocking out Travis Browne is hilarious to me

Idiot- 983 says:

Total class when a fighter knows when to stop and Does !

Howzer The man says:

I don’t think Smith is ready for Junkie Jones but I’d love to see him smoke the Junkie arsed cunt.

Howzer The man says:

Dana dropped Ngannou faster than a mistress who’s caught the clap.

rockfan88 says:

Tbh no hate but, listening to other youtube music instead.

sh kim says:

Dab sterling

Jet Lee says:

Jones vs DC 2?

khan korea says:

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Mbully serino's says:

Hey nice work on this video man really enjoyed

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