UFC 234: Robert Whittaker Out Of Kelvin Gastelum Fight Reaction – MMA Fighting

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MMA Fighting’s Shaun Al-Shatti and Jed Meshew react to the news that Robert Whittaker has been forced to withdraw from his UFC 234 main event fight on Saturday afternoon after being hospitalized with a hernia overnight.

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ScullyPlays HD says:

This is the worst card ever with one of the most exciting fights in recent history.

Death By Astonishment says:

How did they NOT catch this in his pre-fight medicals? Realllllly weird.

DarkCloudNC says:

A 3 round Main event? 😂😂

Dead By Whiskey says:

this dude not realizing that losing the main event champion in his home country is the biggest loss. why are you doing mma news dude. youre an idiot

waalex11 says:

I can't stand their ugly faces yet. If I love Luke's opinions and insight, will I like Shaun and Marc?

Daniel Curiel says:

It should’ve been Romero vs Gastelum anyways. Romero got robbed the time to make weight and the belt. Facts 💯

Dons Adventures says:

Shaun when I see out out there come at me with that same energy!

Daniel Grigg says:

Mick Jagger could make it to Rod Laver arena without doing a hernia at least.

Cain k Carter says:

If it was woodley he would be strip

GenisisHalo says:

if Dana made the pay per views half the price and be $30-$40 the buys would go up like crazy and they would 100% make more money then have their cards at $65

Daniel Grigg says:

Charging for UFC233 would have been less of an insult than charging for UFC234.

Although being British we don't have PPV here, so I'll probably be one of the few who watches Adesanya v Silva live.

KingDoms Kingdom says:

As both a martial artist and someone who is awaiting a hernia operation themselves… i feel for Rob. I'm still training but realistically couldn't compete so understand why this title cannot go ahead.

JeepZJ 101 says:


Max Rowe says:

this is devastating.

Joshua E. says:

I can't believe the PPV is still selling for $64.99. Everyone loves Anderson, and his fight with Adesanya was promoted well, especially this week, but I think this PPV went from a 2-fight card to a 1-fight card. Lack of depth hurt this PPV card. If Anderson vs Adesanya ends in a flash then paying for the PPV will have been unjustified, since the other fights are throwaways. UFC needs to develop contingency plans for these type of cards. They have too many events, and this is bound to happen more than once. They could at least slash the price in half. Some money is better than no money.

EPSTomcat11 says:

He was moving a little weird during open workout. Wonder if that was a tell, in hindsight.

Nasir Mutombo says:

not surprised

Connor Kelly says:

MMA is going mad these days tf?

Ben Fm says:

The Australian fans were there to see Whittaker, not so much israel, which is Why they are offering ticket refunds. Israel and Silva's fight was more for the international viewers. But now the ufc loses out on ppv buys and also ticket sales since they are now offering refunds

ElimRem says:

UFC the drama never stops

Sy Sharp says:

UFC is my favorite pretend sporting organization

Just Awesome Your says:

I feel robbed😡

Marco The-Phoenix says:

They should of have replaced Whitaker and that it.

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