A Monster in MMA – Knockouts by Butterbean

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We all know what real fighters should look like. A good fighter, according to an ordinary viewer, is a guy with big muscles and lean abs. But what do you say if a 400 pound monster comes into the ring and will easily defeat the classic fighters. Eric Esch definitely knows how to use his weight in the ring. In this episode I will show you some battles he fought.

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► The Absolute Champion of the World – Oleksandr Usyk – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znj1NrFg38E
► The Hardest Punch in Boxing History – David Tua – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQezWwLnQPk

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This is interesting! says:

Thanks for watching!

I hope You enjoy this video 🙂

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Nathan Mitchell says:

A fucking tank 👍

k. kadohara says:

great god punch!!!

HAAKAptjjpajmdde says:


William Warner says:


Apex Legends Clips says:

I wanna make sure they get their monies worth… proceeds to knock dude out in 30 seconds lol.

Mitchell Moon says:

I had a buddy that was built like butter-bean, buster was 6ft.3inch. you could see his punches coming a mile away, but stopping them was like trying to stop an eighteen wheeler one-handed. he got hit in the head with a fireplace poker and it bent to a 90 degree but he kept coming and broke the other guy's jaw.too bad that drugs kicked his ass, the only fight he ever lost.

Cghdeadpool says:

Oh no! You got Beaned!

lachlan edgecombe says:

50% butter 50% bean

BootySnatcher says:

Butter bean sounds like the kind of name you would give to an inmate who gives the person who drops the soap a frisky time

Garren Brooks says:

5:50 what the hell was that guys deal?

Yescob says:

Maaaan, butterbean was my childhood boxing hero in heavyweight!! Always played him in that boxing game on ps1 and 2.. Cant remember the name but omg good times

QsT Pyro says:


jjjeanjeane says:

Monster hitter brilliant nice guy.

X-ians stink says:

My God…..you mean people actually watch this stuff?

H Max says:

ok..he hits hard….but most where not boxers…can't go toe to toe with that man….must jab from far away….

Wrestling CITY!! says:

Imagine Butterbean vs Yuri Boyka.

Станислав Семиков says:

Хуя пузатик ебашит

Austin Wild says:

Man looks like Abomination from Incredible Hulk

Prince Soler says:

Don't miss the wrong guy 😊😊

Иван & Ко says:

Нравиться мне этот парень.может техники и нет ,зато духа бойцовского хоть отбавляй.

Top 10 Archive says:

I think I'd rather be kicked in the head by a horse..

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