Best MMA Knockouts of January 2019 (UFC,Bellator,ONE Championship)

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Best MMA Knockouts of January 2019 (UFC,Bellator,ONE Championship)


Sergio Basaglia says:

Amazing video. Really good choice of 2 pak arsenal, hats off 😎👌

uNkLeRaRa4 says:

Cerrone knocking out that smart mouth little fuck was the best one 🤠

Rama Algifary says:

cowboy ripped that kid's head off

sdguy123 says:

This video is better on mute.

likewise4Gaming says:


Ryan John says:

Anyone who bitches about the T.J./Cejudo stoppage needs to keep the same energy about the cowboy vs Hernandez fight

fap master27 says:

The n*ggER aura is strong in this one its overflowing through my screen… greg hardy illegal knee LOL

Dylan Gaffney says:

so glad that TJ lost.. and that was a fair stoppage i mean.. i wouldn't have minded them letting it go longer so we could see him get rag dolled 2 more times…the little snake in the grass :p

erikcarrillo33 says:

TJ got rocked way harder by Cody and still won the fight. I'll still say early stoppage. Fedor getting dropped really hurt to see though he should really hang them up

Animus Miles-Militis says:

0:34 a real pro would not have struck him on the ground because he would have the confidence to know he was out.

Face Man says:

Yea cowboy Taught that young boy a listen:RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!!!!

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