GFRIEND(여자친구) – Intro + Time for the moon night MMA 2018

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블라블라[버디] says:


Muffin Monster says:

Why are they so underrated :/


That highnote never gets old


Their choreographer is also the choreographer of bts right?? correct me if im wrong but if its true, now i know why they have an amazing choreography indeed queens

Dawa Kwipa says:

Omg Sowons legs are so perfect

Muffin 100 says:

I fell asleep at their intro😂…………. their voice is just so soothing to hear😍😍😍😍💓

instax Lens 60mm Focus Range 0.6-Infinity says:

tbh they should really win every award in existance in mma…

instax Lens 60mm Focus Range 0.6-Infinity says:

Try to top this… tsk tsk

Shariah Ladrero says:

나는 너를 사랑한다. sinB

Nayeon Im says:

I saw Sana’ girlfriend❤️😂

Abby Joy says:

Why didn't they do the beginning of the dance, the part when they moved their arms and hands??

Yahis 24 says:

My girls deserve everything, they are the best

Bueno Obra says:

…Eunha, SinB, Umji, Yuju, Sowon (Leader), Yerin…

Erhvine_Hyunreh Aton says:

Wowww….Yuju's high note, hit me!!!

Ngọc Oanh Dương says:

mấy cj nhảy đẹp ghê lun

Phuong Chi says:


ispeak4detrees says:

I need the camera man to stay still for 15 seconds so I can admire this amazing choreo.

Tuanzzz Pham says:

I have 2 friends.All of they love korea and can speak korean.One of them is studying in a korea university.K pop and may be korean gamer also be know by many people

Tuanzzz Pham says:

The girl in 2:53 look so tired.Why?

Tuanzzz Pham says:

The showbiz and relax in this country so good

Hazel Saballa says:

Wow gfriend is so powerful.go gfriendwe always love your group ang we always support your team!…!

Zelly Jung says:

Yerin is my bias and then Sinb did this 1:021:07 then Sowon 2:09 then Yerin 3:48 then Umji 3:54 then Eunha 4:19 then Yuju 4:02. And then all 4:06.
Okay.. Bias-wrecked.

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