Israel Adesanya UFC Highlights (HD) 2018

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All footage and rights belong to Zuffa LLC , UFC & WME-IMG
Music- XXXTENTACION – Jocelyn Flores (Loca Trap Remix)

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UTOT Warriors says:

Don’t kickbox with Israel. BJJ will be his weakness.

Gustavo Araujo says:

he's a fkng beast

Ismail Abdi says:

KHABIIB would turn him into a Kabaab.

Marek Przybyłowski says:

very talented man

Anyname willdo says:

I think he ll be exposed vs silva, not enough volume and seems to be really good against shorter wrestlers,

arkir says:

Love how calm he keeps

Dante Pierucci -basketball,vlogs&more says:

Silva out of his prime is gonna beat his ass

Saad Sall says:

Damn I wanna see him fighting jon jones

Eric says:

Welcome the new Avatar state..

Will Lam says:

Adesanya in the thumbnail looks like Jean Roqua in the movie never back down.

Christianity 100 says:

Next Anderson Silva.

dapperdonmilli says:

my dream fight is MVP vs Adesanya 🤷🏾‍♂️ ….

João Pedro Souza Penha says:

What a terrible song for Highlight video!!!

kvdfvhfdx hhddghhfdsdfv says:

Imbecile with a big mouth

Eric the Viking says:

That step in elbow at 1:52 is a thing of beauty.

Arno says:

he is a beast, i love his knee kick, his footwork and creativity

No Place To Hide says:

Adesanya destroyed by a Brazilian fighter

Gavrilo Princip says:

Next Aleksandar Rakić!

Tristan Mundell says:

I like X but why would you think this song is fitting for an mma highlight video?

Jonathan Waters says:

Jon Jones, guard your grill, homie

Mohammed Adam says:

Hit the like button cause of the X music

Enlightened pool says:

Jones meets Michael venom page

Felipe Salvador says:

Honestly I don't think he is so good like everyone is commenting here. Plus, the fighters that he fought are not that big of a challenge. I can see him being a constant at top 10 or 5 middleweight, but chill out guys… I also feel that a very agressive (and good) fighter would tear him apart, not to speak about wrestling and he is only blue belt bjj

slorollintrain208 says:

where’s the ground game ?

Rodz says:

To achando q nao vai dar pro anderson dessa vez, que pena. pior q o cara tem un estilo parecido com o do Anderson e Jon jones, excelente lutador

Mountain Jew says:

This guy is the new Anderson Silva

Charles Zvirbulis says:

Thumbs up for the song.

Loris Gorham says:

tons of respect for @isrealadesanya. but he's callin out Whittaker after fighting brunson. fuck call Whittaker out after you've run through all the killers he has at the top of their game on win streaks when everybody was scared of them. I think one day you deserve Whittaker. but earn it first!! rankings mean something bud!!!

Arilson dos Santos says:

1:12 Matrix

David Vessels says:

Great standup striking. No telling what happens when put against top wrestlers; if they decide to wrestle Adesanya. Only the UFC has the answer to that. May explain why he hasn't been given one yet.

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