The Scariest Knockouts In UFC History – TOP 5

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Hi there fight fans! psyched for ufc 205?! I hope this video will make the wait less miserabel;) Comment who you are rooting for, down below in the comments! Have a nice day, I hope you enjoyed.


Luigimo says:

What about when Matt Hamill tko the fuck out of Jon Jones with headbutts to the elbow??

Noah Barnes says:

Do you want to take a chance, and risk being KNOCKED OUT

Nice Shot says:

Terry Etim looking like Bipolar Bobby


Edson Barboza's spinning wheel kick is the best.

Steve stevenson says:

Would pay good money to see rampage lynched

one-ton soup says:

That elbow from Yair Rodriguez is scary because of how lucky it was. 4:59 in the 5th round. Absolutely insane…

Sean Diesel says:

Holy head trauma

Jake Husband says:

Another reason I hate Joe Rogan is he says he'll to the jaw during a slow motion video of a guy clearly getting a heel to the nose… fuck off Joe Rogan 🖕🖕 ass clown

Charmiskit says:

How is Goodridge pulverizing Guerrera's temple with the elbows not in this.

John Gerard Lynch says:

Matua vs Abbott?

Jesse Barragan says:

They should've put wandy vs Jardine

Epic Memer says:

Rampage had to compensate for getting fucked up twice in a row by Wandy in their primes lmao!

Anthony Onyali says:

As top 5 goes this is excellent list. There will always be ones that people think should be included but everybody here got ktfo

UddinProductionz says:

I don't think the last guy should win because really and truly he hit the back of his head

Aric Goss says:

Rampage just casually trying to kill the guy after he is completely knocked out. Nothing but class from him.

Kyle Weir says:

So much cope from the commentators on Rampage "those shots on the ground were unnecessary but hes amped up" gtfoh fighters should be fined for shit like that.


I love how Gerald just gets off, not like all the other fighters who punch the fuck out of their opponent when they are knocked out!

Mintzspintz says:

Every single fucking UFC video… "IT'S ALL OVER!"

mike ryan says:

what garbage 5 shots to the head while he was un consciousness
typical nggr

Elias Padilla says:

All those animals who cannot keep their instincts in check belong in cages , except for the last fighter , he showed true sportsmanship .

Trees Ayden says:

Shame on the first guy. What's the point on punching other's head when who's being unconscious and falling on the ground already? this's really what coward does.

Jacob Theguy says:

Tank has some of most brutal kos ever

Arun Raj says:

Tank abbot has takes his head off

Arun Raj says:

tank abbott has take him a part

Ahmed Al-Shammry says:

I like the last one , because when he saw his opponent pass out , he stop the fight.

Real American dude says:

2:31 what happened to me?

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