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With UFC 234 in the books, MMA Fighting’s Shaun Al-Shatti and Marc Raimondi break down the top storylines coming out of Saturday night.

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Wil Archer says:

People always want to say "it means nothing to be the younger fighter" cough Chael, cough, that the younger fighter doesnt have a better chance because of thier age. These are the same people that cream in thier pants after a 43 year old Legend fights a losing decision. If being young doesn't help, then why are we to be amazed by older fighters. Can't have it both ways.
Silva v Hall in Brazil, in May anyone?????

Wil Archer says:

Alvey always says he likes a late stoppage

CJ 0 says:

Two beta males being beta males

big_OL says:

Israel carried Silva to the end out of pure respect and I respect that

Israel A says:

UFC will fade away & classify itself as obsolete…..OBSOLETE

BrizLionGooner says:

Well I don't know if anyone else picked it up, but I did hear when Silva and Israel were in that embrace after the fight hear him say "I now pass the Baton to you". But I do think Anderson will fight in his home town as a send off. Not many deserve a send off but if there ever was it is The Spida.

Theclaw Yaww says:

If Silva preassured Adesanya and threw shots he could have won

SRNF says:

The d team strikes again

GoshuGoshu says:

I'm not buyng this Adesanya hype

original sin says:

If Nick and Nate sign the contract, they will fight and they will not pull out but until then we will see. Love the notion Nick vs Anderson and Nate vs Conor – make it happen Dana

Muslim Lover of Peace Man says:

def wasn't a boring fight but i was expecting alil more output from both fighters.

original sin says:

Kelvin should talk to UFC, and not self-claimed as the champ – this is not only disrespectful to Whittaker, the mma sport, peers and mma fans. this is cringe and lost respect to Kelvin.

Brad Morgan says:

Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to wait in the bottom right corner for some one to land an uppercut so he can say toasty!!!

Brad Morgan says:

This was one of my most favorite fights I’ve ever seen. Anderson could have won that if it was 5 rounds. He could have lost it as well that’s no doubt, but I feel like he was getting better as the fight went on. I wanna see a rematch!!!

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