Gary Tonon`s third mma fight

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Daniel Cho says:

"Upper cut almost took out the ring lights…" bwha ha ha

Mr Wizzykin says:

The commentators need to calm the fuck down. If his debut was one of the best in ONE FC, then that's a big negative for ONE FC and says that their skill level is pretty fucking low. He's fighting dudes who are 50/50 fighters. He's a rookie, though, and skipped amateurs, so that's fine… But he's looking just OK against not very good fighters… Whoever is doing the commentary needs to calm the fuck down with the hype bullshit.

Simon Kelly says:

This guy is the best

1234abcd12344 says:

striking is awkward and flashy more so then effective, he didn't hurt the guy on the feet but knows to use his bread and butter when things aren't going his way. Let just see if the death-squad is any good in MMA. Too soon to call anything from this, but great finish.

axle muffin says:

All the picos

Manos De Plata says:

He did really good. Good improvement from the last two fights.

Johannes Wollme says:

"hold on wait a minute let me put some tonon in it" that fkn commentator lol

Firstno way says:

Lol tonon gets smoked by top twenty in any American org.he aucks

Matt Duncan says:

striking looked so slick!

so good he uses these fights to work on his striking . instead of running for the mat

Matt Duncan says:

" come on garrrrrrryyyyyyyy " hahaha

The Sports Lot says:

First round right hand was sloppy but he settled down. Good performance.

netcompany3 says:

time for ufc to ban weight cutting as well

cutmastertko says:

he is such a beast and I'm super excited for the future of "one"

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