JON ” Bones” JONES || Highlights/Knockouts

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Jon Jones Career Highlights

Vk Group –
Soundtrack: Shindy feat. Bushido – Panamera Flow (Instrumental) (NWA)

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Turk and Azer Brothers for ever says:

I respect only natural fighters…….

Robert Todd says:

If not the best fighter…. He just needs to get his shit together and start back where he was as a champ.

jack bone says:

ALL the time.

jack bone says:

'knock out power, schmockout power'…, this dude RAINS on a muthafukka.
its like trying to charge an active machine gun nest.
you GON' take some damage.
the guy, who beats him, will have superhuman endurance, an immunity to damage and a knife or a gun, hidden in his trunks…

Danyal khan says:

Greatest fighter but he was so rude

Sunny Ashade says:

Man he is like my sir

E.T GropeHome says:

How does it qualify as a win because your sitting on top of them block your head and it’s instant win?!?!? Can someone explain how?! The dude isn’t even half out the fight yet it’s stopped because the dude can’t get someone that weights just as much as him off his back

Jari Viitanen says:

Jonroid should receive life time award from cheating 🤡✌️

Santiago Katzenstein says:

Say whatever you want
This guy's fight iq is unmatched in the history of the sport

bogdan show yt Dinu says:

I play a lot a times ufc 2 with jon jones and his really good
She win like 67 fights

iHate WhitePpl says:

Black revenge

Alessandro Gigante says:

The best fighter in the world… monstre

Damien81ful says:

Juiced bones

Мет Митрион says:

Jones Number 1

random user says:

Just watched jones vs gus 2.. anyone here who doubts him now?????

0ZZYM0F0 says:

Roids, drugs and eye pokes is all this guy knows

John Snimth says:

eye poke master

Breno Robert. says:

He has a potentisl to be the G.O.A.T. Meanwhile it is Anderson Silva.

Mali Ajnštajn says:

Darko Stošić vs Jon Jones 😂😂😂

Hasson Robinson says:

Rochester stand up 585💪💪💪💪💪

Riften Guard says:

Greatest Of All Time

BBA GENO says:

all u oreo pussy ass niggas kan suxk my dixk

Всякое Разное says:

Пиздец маньяк какой-то, ебашит так противно, локтями, коленями, по чашечкам коленным хуячит

John Mendoza says:

I was so happy when jon jones choked the fuck outta that piss drinking asian brasilian lyoto macheater

Austin McKinley says:

2:40 when the cocaine dealer shits you

Dawud Cohen vs NWO says:

No doubt my best fighter

Daveson says:

Goat is back Dec 29th!

Dereon Carter says:

Jon Jones is a brutal fighter I love it.

Mark says:

So hyped for 232!!

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