Live Stream: UFC 234 Post-Fight Press Conference – MMA Fighting

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preachinshawn says:

56:51 Why don't they put full cans on display? So McGregor can't hurl them at people.

preachinshawn says:

0:59 Lando Vannata
6:14 Dana White
29:00 Ricky Simon
42:02 Anderson Silva
55:52 Israel Adesanya

Woooooo says:

llando vannata looks like sean merriman from den of thieves

Craig B says:

Anderson still got it, it would have been a shame if he'd retired, I think he's probably got 3 good fights in him at least.

Gary Truesdale says:

Two great fighters. The style bender displays his business skills in this interview. Get that money.

sharkl11 says:

I like Ada, but he is a bit too slim for the monsters of Romero/Costa/etc

Steven Ramirez says:

That was so dope

Derrick Antoine says:

the last style bender is a gay man and thats a fact!!! do your research

iamjahlife says:

Very in tune with self, that’s what’s up… I like your focus and your confidence. Keep up the great work and your third eye open. Love it bro…

Raine Weller says:

really hate these how are you feeling questions

You Dare I Do says:

is it me only! the more I watch Adesanya talk, the more I don't like this guy and I think kelvin will knock him out.

Blackwings Prophet says:

I'm Calling it now Israel Vs Chris or Jacare

chubbyfunster2 says:

Izzy couldn't finish with the KO as he promised. Big Fail…especially from all the talk …..a fail just like his sex reference

Matart Achci says:

I like isreal, but khabib Will destroy him

Mike Lowery says:

Shot Israel! Destined for greatness

wonphi says:

Eye back. Es normal.

cassius Compton says:

So refreshing to see the Wanganui Warrior call out Mr Diana White regarding the pay per view $$$. The door was left wide open for Mark Hunt to be a reporter or whatever right there then when he named dropped him & Brock-interesting to see how that wld of went down just as it is refreshing to hear Izzy korero aka he then talks of what he has seen from Silva “don’t get caught in the spiders web” making reference to previous bouts UFC 129. Bro knows. There was 1 good question from a reporter finally lol “At the end of the 1st Rd in your stance etc “I don’t think Anderson knows who he is”
Yer bro u put in the work both backstage & till the end & u shld get your just rewards aka Diana White & Eddie Hearn same old same old

Winter is Coming says:

I dont get it. How is this guy the #1 contender? He hasn’t even fought anyone in the top5. What a joke!

firsttofight1000 says:

Too many great fighters in weight class. Israel will be getting smashed soon. Mark my words.

jason Gill says:

Couldnt beleive they gave them the coles spring water lol

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