“Melee died 3 times so i wanted to be an MMA fighter” -Mang0 ft s2j with sick Falco highlights

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Pengboys says:

Title quote:

Alex Rose says:

"I'm the only fox who still nairs"

nah, hax too

Oblitorix says:

Mang0 wants to be an MMA fighter? Did he already forget how bad the UFC training with Red Bull was?

Ben Miller says:

mango shouldnt have stopped running. it would have made his mind clearer more often

Hamilton Newhart says:

As a marth main, Mangos marth is sick af

Saturn Schimiya says:

1:50 truth

Nat says:

Ending track?

Joe 》 says:

1:57 that was so sick

Aldo Raine says:

I was literally gonna sign up for boxing classes oof I was gonna sign up for boxing classes

TaismoFanBoy says:

0:30 The presence of mind, after getting powershielded, to understand you got lasered and the timing of your next move, AND to notice his shield was too high, AND to pick the best move that hits low for the situation (downward tilted f-filt)… this one interaction was too high level for me omg

Air Espenilla says:

Imagine if Mango and Hbox both went to MMA and had to fight each other in there debut match

TheClutchMexican says:

You have axes twitch not s2js at the beginning

Rey Rose says:

The irl read at 10:09 😂😂

Dr. Dan Dongus says:

imma head out for a run. thx mang

fuckwad says:

Mango as a fighter, rofl. He'd get destroyed faster than CM Punk.

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